Who Is Dean Vaughn And Was He Another Victim Of Jeffrey Dahmer, Case, Story, Death Cause, Age, Biography

Who Is Dean Vaughn And Was He Another Victim Of Jeffrey Dahmer, Case, Story, Death Cause, Age, Biography

Dean Vaughn death is still a mystery, however all the factual evidence point fingers at one person, America’s most horrifying serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer

As Dahmer got sentenced for killing 17 innocent men and boys, Dean Vaughn might also fit in Jeffrey’s “undisclosed victims list.”

Who Is Dean Vaughn And Was He Another Victim Of Jeffrey Dahmer, Case, Story, Death Cause, Age, Biography, News

The 28-year-old Dean was found dead on May 3, 1991 in the same apartment building where Dahmer was living. Here’s all the details about the cold case.

Since the streaming giant Netflix released its new crime thriller titled “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,” the spine-chilling crime done by Dahmer has been remembering once again.

The series also takes us through the suspicious death of 28-year-old boy. One of the episode shows how Dean Vaughn still remained a suspected victim who Jeffrey denied killing.

Dean’s death has remained a Milwaukee Police Department’s cold case since 1991. Although there’s less doubt about Jeffrey might have murdered and dismembered more than 17 victims but what’s more shocking is that the Police could not connect any dots surrounding Dean’s death.

Milwaukee Cannibal’s spine-chilling crime case has often referred as the biggest failure of Milwaukee Police Department, due to which all Victims met a brutal fate.

One such mystery that is still remains unknown is of Dean Vaughn, who lived in the same apartment building as that Jeffrey.

In the episode 6 of the Netflix’s new crime thriller, viewers are introduced to another neighbour of Jeffrey named Dean, who can be seen speaking to Glenda Cleveland.

Glenda warns him about certain residents of course she was talking about Dahmer’s residence. But again, Dean goes on to have a conversation with Dahmer. Soon after this, he went missing.

However, Glenda was a real-life hero, as she was the one of the first person to expose the horrifid deeds done by Jeffrey. But again as we all know, her voice remains unheard by the police.

As per a report by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Glenda made the first call on May 27th, 1991, when her daughter and niece were walking down the street.


She revealed that they saw one kid, named Konerak Sinthasonphone running away from Jeffrey while he was bleeding profusely.

After that she immediately called to the police however they responded to the situation as they termed it a “domestic dispute,” between lovers and let 14-year-old taken by Jeffrey.

Who later killed him and dismembered his body while retaining his skull.

Coming back to Dean’s story, the 28-year-old was found strangled in his apartment at 924 N. 25th Street in Milwaukee on May 3, 1991, at around 12:30 a.m.

This was the same building where Dahmer lived and conducted most of his killings. However, in the cold case, the Milwaukee Police Department reported, “at least two neighbors saw an unknown subject with the victim just before his death.”

However during Jeffrey’s trial, the horrifying serial killer denied killing Dean Vaughn. Instead of that he went on to narrate the specific details of how he killed and ate all of his victims.


In one of the audio-tape recorded during investigation, he was heard saying, “Once I fried the biceps of a man in oil, I used a meat tenderizer and ate the muscle because it was big and I wanted to try it.”

He further added that, “it tasted like beef.”

Reports suggests that the Milwaukee’s Cannibal had killed at least 17 innocent men and boys, many of whom were gay.

After streaming the series, which described details of real-life of the actual neighbour of Jeffrey, Dean Vaughn, I can only think of 2 theories.

The first could be that Jeffrey indeed killed him as the factual evidence suggested but because it wasn’t his apartment so he didn’t wanted to take any risks to add more punishment into his sentence. So he denied killing him while faking the murder to look like a suicide.

While the another is, Dean might have attempted suicide after being being traumatised by Jeffrey.

However the question that is still remained is why police didn’t take any initiative to investigate the case throughly. As of reports suggests, there aren’t any autopsy report of Dean Vaughn which might have provide any specifics.


But as of my knowledge, it wasn’t a just mere coincidence and justice definitely wasn’t served.

However many can be forced to think that Jeffrey didn’t actually killed him because the way Dean died. His body wasn’t dismembered and his death was made to look like a suicide.

But again, serial killers don’t actually have to follow a pattern all the time. Jeffrey might have got frustrated after Dean went to talk to him, beside, Dahmer said he treasure his victims, the one whom he lured, the one he liked but here Dean wasn’t a person he liked to he didn’t need to do all of that.

But again it’s all my thinking. What’s your thoughts, Let us know and Stay Tuned!

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