Who is Darcy Adanna Esemonu who accused Trevor Bauer of s*xual assault as she’s indicted for fraud

Who is Darcy Adanna Esemonu who accused Trevor Bauer of s*xual assault as she’s indicted for fraud

Darcy Adanna Esemonu had accused Trevor Bauer of assault

The recent development of prosecutors in Arizona filing extortion charges against a woman who accused Trevor Bauer of s*xual assault may bring him closer to vindication.

Who is Darcy Adanna Esemonu who accused Trevor Bauer of s*xual assault as she’s indicted for fraud in Arizona

According to reports, the legal analyst and criminal defense attorney Alison Triessl’s move suggests progress in clearing Bauer’s name. The 34-year-old Darcy Adanna Esemonu, faced criminal charges following a grand jury indictment in Maricopa County last month.

Bauer admits engaging in a s*xual encounter with the former pageant winner in 2020, asserting it was consensual. Subsequently, Esemonu asserted she was pregnant and sought a substantial monetary settlement, purportedly to contribute to expenses including an abortion, according to Bauer and his legal representatives.

He declined to settle for the sum and in 2023, Esemonu filed a lawsuit against Bauer, alleging that the s*xual encounter was non-consensual.

The 33-year-old Bauer, reportedly paid Esemonu $8,761, believing she was pregnant. His legal team asserted in a countersuit that she utilized the money for a trip to Philadelphia to undergo LASIK surgery.


Triessl asserts that after thorough scrutiny by the grand jury and prosecutors, it was established that Esemonu was neither pregnant nor a victim.


“The prosecution’s argument, backed by Trevor Bauer’s testimony, will assert that this incident was purely motivated by financial gain… it was essentially an extortion attempt,” Triessl conveyed.

Esemonu’s lawsuit emerged subsequent to allegations by another individual, Lindsey Hill, who accused Bauer of assaulting and r*ping her at his Pasadena residence in 2021. This accusation led to MLB placing the Dodgers player on administrative leave.

Bauer faced an unprecedented suspension of 324 games, later reduced to 194 by an independent arbitrator in December 2022. Following the conclusion of his suspension, the Dodgers released him, and he remained unsigned by any team.


In October 2023, Bauer released a video defending himself and presenting evidence suggesting that Hill had fabricated her accusations to extort money. No legal charges were pursued, and eventually, both Bauer and Hill settled their respective defamation lawsuits.

However, Bauer has not returned to Major League Baseball since 2021. Presently, he is pitching for Diablos Rojos del Mexico in the Mexican League. While acknowledging allegations from two additional women, neither case has led to civil suits or criminal charges.

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