Who is Daniel Cain former member of Arsenal Academy who is now tetraplegic: Bio, age, illness

Who is Daniel Cain former member of Arsenal Academy who is now tetraplegic: Bio, age, illness

Here is all you need to know about who is former Arsenal Academy member Daniel Cain, who is currently tetraplegic and confined to a wheelchair

A former Arsenal Academy member who had his drink “spiked” on a night out, according to his family, is now tetraplegic, confined to a wheelchair, and in constant need of medical attention.

Who is Daniel Cain former footballer of Arsenal Academy who is now tetraplegic: Bio, age, illness

Daniel Cain, a 23-year-old electrician from Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, had been a fit and healthy young footballer before to a night out with friends in 2020.

His friends discovered him to be unconscious and to be a “funny color” on June 9 of that year; he had suffered a heart arrest.

After an ambulance arrived, paramedics took over and worked on the young man for 24 minutes until they were able to restart his heart.

The young man was given CPR throughout this time. The football player was sent to the hospital, where he was declared unconscious for the next 25 days before being told it was doubtful he would awaken by medical personnel.

Who is Daniel Cain?

Daniel played football for both the Barnet FC youth development facilities and Arsenal of the Premier League, according to LBC.

On June 9, 2020, while out with friends, the 23-year-old experienced a “life-changing travesty” when a heart attack deprived his brain of oxygen.


24 minutes after they arrived, the ambulance crew had to work on Daniel before they were able to restart his heart.

Tracey Cain, his mother, revealed to the Independent:

When I found out I just went into automatic mum mode. I phoned his father who was at work and his sister came back from Essex. At around 3-4am in the morning they tried to prepare us that he was not going to wake up but I said to keep trying.”

Due to the prolonged oxygen deprivation of his brain and spinal cord, doctors warned Cain’s family that even if he did wake up, he would have severe brain damage and be in a “vegetative” state.


The young man managed to come out of his coma against all odds, but at first he was powerless. Tracey stated:

When he woke up he couldn’t do anything, he couldn’t move – he was like a newborn. But nurses said he was following them with his eyes, so they said there was someone in there.”

Needs 24/7 care

Although Daniel’s long-term memory is unaffected, his mother claims that his short-term memory has been.

With time, Daniel’s limited mobility and mental capacity started to return.

Natalie, his older sister, recalled how her brother had spent the previous 2.5 years in various hospitals and care homes until being finally brought home in December.


The NHS paid for the first six sessions, but as his family’s weekly working hours increased from four to eight, they now had to pay for daily sessions at a rate of £63 per hour.

Natalie’s GoFundMe page estimates that this might cost up to £24,192 each year. Despite suffering from PTSD, depression, and anxiety, Daniel’s mother claims that the physio is “his happy place.” Natalie reports that Daniel seems really content and hopeful while being evaluated and tested at Neurokinex using various apparatus.