Who Is Cristina Serra Wife Of Pep Guardiola, Her Age, Height, Job, Instagram

Who Is Cristina Serra Wife Of Pep Guardiola, Her Age, Height, Job, Instagram

Her is all you need to know about Cristina Serra, wife of Pepe Guardiola, age and pofession

Pep Guardiola is considered as one of the best football managers and the fans would be interested to know about his private life. Here is all about who is his wife and the kids, below.

Who Is Cristina Serra Wife Of Pep Guardiola, Her Age, Birthday, Height, Job, Instagram

Who Is Cristina Serra, Wife Of Pep Guardiola, Age, Career, Net Worth, Family

Cristina Serra was born in 1973 to Josep M. Serra Boada and Montserrat Selvas Tarres in Manresa, Spain and is currently 49 years old. She has a sibling, a younger sister named Judith.


Cristina is a journalist, author, and haute couture designer from Brazil. Despite having a career in fashion and journalism, she appears to be a private person and doesn’t have any social media accounts.

Serra carried on the family tradition of her father and grandfather, who established a tailor shop in Manresa in 1933. Serra Claret is the name of their clothing store. In addition to the original location, they also operate shops in Barcelona.

Cristina Serra marriage and kids

At the age of 18, Pep first met his how wife Cristina. Pep was approached to model for a designer at a boutique while the lady had previously worked at the establishment owned by her family. He said that he would go to the United States after his time as Barcelona’s manager and settle in Manhattan, New York, for a year while he made up his mind on what to do next.

They got hitched on May 29, 2014. Maria, Marcus, and Valentina are the names of their three kids. The most well-known of the three, Maria is a student in London, a Spanish fashion icon like her mother, and it was recently claimed that she is dating Everton football player Dele Alli after the two were frequently spotted together.


Cristina Serra husband

Josep “Pep” Guardiola Sala, a Spanish professional football manager and former player, was born on January 18, 1971 and is currently 51 years old. He is currently in charge of Premier League team Manchester City. He owns the records for the most consecutive league games won in La Liga, the Bundesliga, and the Premier League, and is regarded as one of the best managers of all time.