Who is cricketer Titas Sadhu, biography, age, height, parents, school, wickets, bowling stats

Who is cricketer Titas Sadhu, biography, age, height, parents, school, wickets, bowling stats

Here is all you need to know about Indian women’s cricket team pacer Titas Sadhu as the team clinches gold at the Asian Games 2023 along with her age and height

In the Asian Games women’s cricket gold medal game on Monday, the India women’s cricket team wrote history by defeating Sri Lanka by a score of 19 runs.

Who is cricketer Titas Sadhu, biography, age, height, family, parents, school, hometown, wickets, bowling stats

The Women in Blue were just the second team in Asian Games history to win gold in women’s cricket, breaking a recent trend of losing crucial matches in big games.

For the Indian Women’s team to win the first Asian Games Gold Medal in 2023, Titas Sadhu, a young teenager from West Bengal, has had a huge impact. She recently put in an outstanding performance in the U-19 T20 World Cup final game in South Africa, taking two wickets for six runs, earning her the honour of being named Player of the Match.

Who is Titas Sadhu?

Titas Sandhu is a bowler for the Indian Women’s Cricket Team and was born on 29 September 2004 in Chinsura, West Bengal. She is just 18 years old and has a height of 5 feet 8 inhes and now is a gold medalist at the 2023 Asian Games due to her impressive performance in China.

A look at Titas Sadhu’s family

Titas Sadhu’s father is Ranadeep Sadhu who is an athlete and her mother Bhramar Mallik runs a family business. She initially lived with her grandmother in Krishnanagar, West Bengal, where she was born, but later moved to Ranchi due to her father’s employment there. Later, they moved to Kolkata, but were forced to relocate to Chinsurah because to the drastically reduced number of schools that Titas could play for.


When the weather stopped the club play one day, her father requested her to bowl. When she first started playing cricket, her father saw her talent.

Cricket rather happened accidentally as she would keep scores for her ancestral club Rajendra Smriti Sangha, near Hooghly Mohsin College.

Titas had to drop out of her school to pursue her dreams and in 2019-20. Titas was selected for the Bengal U-19 but due to her 10th board exams, she couldn’t join but in the following year, she made her senior debut for the Bengal T20 Women’s team under captain Rumeli Dhar.

Hailing from a small district of West Bengal, Titas was 13 when she started her cricket journey and a few years ago, Titas was accompanying her father Ranadeep Sadhu to the Chinsurah Rajendra Smriti Sangha Academy in West Bengal.


A look at Titas Sadhu’s career

She participated in the West Bengal team’s trials at the age of 13 but was turned down. The next year, she intended to reappear for the trial but was unable to do so due to her tenth board exams, in which she received 90% of the result.

Shib Shankar Paul, the bowling coach for the Bengal squad, trained Titas while he was Priyankar Mukherjee’s young pupil. She was offered the chance to join the team in 2020 after the Bengal team chose her as a bowler. She became the youngest player when she joined the team at age 16. She didn’t play well in two games and was fired by the group.

She was selected for the Bengal senior team and used to go with them for the matches in 2022’s Women’s T20 tournament. She also participated in the Women’s U19 T20 Quadrangular Series, which featured India A, India B, Sri Lanka, and the West Indies prior to the World Cup.


She played for the ICC Under-19 Indian Women’s side in the T20 World Cup in South Africa in 2023, taking six wickets and winning Player-of-the-Match honours.

What is Titas Sadhu’s net worth?

She was sold to Delhi Capitals in the first WPL auction in February 2023 for Rs 25 lakh. Her estimated net worth is around 50 lakhs.