Who is content creator Cringistaan2 real name Aryan Dev Neekhra who made rap video on Vedant Agarwal

Who is content creator Cringistaan2 real name Aryan Dev Neekhra who made rap video on Vedant Agarwal

Cringistaan2 real name Aryan Dev Neekhra has been booked for his rap song video on Vedant Agarwal

If you’re active on social media, it’s likely you’ve come across a rap song that sarcastically addresses the recent Pune Porsche accident.

For the unfamiliar, the rap track circulating online allegedly featured a young individual bragging about evading consequences for a Porsche crash, which gained widespread attention on social media last Thursday.

Who is content creator Cringistaan2 real name Aryan Dev Neekhra who made rap song video on Vedant Agarwal

Who Made the Rap Song?

Swiftly, the Pune Police clarified that the account was fake, distancing the teenager from any involvement in the video.

Subsequently, it was revealed that the rap video was the work of social media influencer Aryan Dev Neekhra.

In the video, Neekhra, who is widely known by his Instagram handle @cringistaan2, ridiculed the accident, chanting, “Kuch sunoge, karke baithe main nashe in my Porsche, saamne aaya couple mere ab who hai neeche sound so cliché, sorry gaadi chad gayi aap pe, satra ki umra khoob paise mere baap pe, ek din main mil gaye mujhe bail, fir se dikhaunga sadak ka khel.”

It translates to “Listen up, while”I lounge high on my Porsche, the couple I encountered, now below, sounds so cliché, sorry, but the car got the better of you, at seventeen, plenty of cash from my father, got bail in a day, I’ll show the game of the streets again.”


Neekhra later took to Instagram, unleashing a tirade against news channels for exposing him. He proceeded to post another rap video (on Insta Stories), where he derided the accident victims.

Charges Against Neekhra

Meanwhile, Pune Police’s Cyber Cell filed an FIR against Neekhra and another Instagram user, Shubham Shinde (shubhamshinde.i), who shared Neekhra’s video.

They face charges under Sections 509, 294 B of IPC, and 67 of the IT Act.


About Aryan Dev Neekhra

According to his LinkedIn profile, Neekhra hails from Madhya Pradesh and is currently based in Delhi and works as a content creator and “meme marketer” at No Gravity Media, an audio-visual company in Delhi.

He attended Happy Days School in Shivpuri and later Amity University in Gwalior. He also attended the Delhi University from 2021 to 2023.

In a subsequent update, Neekhra, a contentious social media influencer, addressed the situation in a video following his booking by the Pune Cyber Cell over his satirical videos related to the Pune Porsche case.


Neekhra appealed to the Cyber Cell to withdraw the case, citing financial constraints preventing him from appearing before authorities in Pune on May 27.

Expressing his plea, Neekhra stated, “Main to middle class aadmi bhai, mujhe to jaan se hi mardo, mere jaan ki kya keemat (I am a middle-class person, what is the value of my life, kill me instead.)”

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