Who is Congo deaf rapper MC Baba as his deaf/mute rap songs go viral

Who is Congo deaf rapper MC Baba as his deaf/mute rap songs go viral

Social media users are talking about MC Baba, a deaf rapper from the Democratic Republic of Congo

MC Baba has worked hard on his dream of becoming a rap musician despite being deaf and dumb. He has received a lot of attention online for his own take on the genre. According to some, he was the first “Deaf rapper from Congo.”

MC Baba has demonstrated that having a disability does not limit one’s ability to create art or express oneself. His genuine and passionate song never fails to touch our hearts and brains and serve as a constant reminder that the real boundaries are only in our imaginations.

Who is Congo deaf rapper MC Baba as his deaf/mute rap songs go viral on Instagram

MC Baba made waves a few weeks ago with a music video in which he combines voice noises that don’t sound like words with classic rap beats. Thousands of views and shares have been generated by this strategy across multiple platforms, indicating a profound resonance with audiences.

The road to fame for MC Baba has not been simple. First, he made a name for himself in freestyle combat, where spontaneity is essential.


At first, MC Baba and Paterne Maestro performed as “La Baseron” in duo form. But in 2023, he made the decision to concentrate on his solo career, and he released “Oko Lela Epa Ya Nani,” his first big hit internationally. This song, which translates roughly to “Who will you cry for,” uses a sequence of rhythmic sounds instead of words to express a wide range of emotions.

MC Baba can hear to an extent and he uses sounds to communicate. This method sets him apart and establishes him as a pioneer in the subgenre known as “deaf hop,” which has been investigated by other musicians such as the Finnish Signmark and the American Warren “Wawa” Snipe.


His narrative encourages other disabled artists to follow their passions without letting physical constraints stand in their way.

It is anticipated that MC Baba will continue to shatter boundaries and advance in his career as a result of his increasing popularity. His fans excitedly await his next endeavours, believing that he will push the envelope and continue to stretch the limits of what is conceivable in the rap and hip-hop genres.

MC Baba is facing criticism

MC Baba’s soundtracks have drawn criticism from certain online users who feel they don’t live up to current rap standards. There have been memes and negative comments implying that his videos are more appropriate for a laugh than for serious viewing.


About Deaf rap

Deaf musicians produced “deaf rap,” or “dip hop,” which blends hip-hop music with Deaf culture. These performers use their viewpoints to craft potent rhymes and beats, and they frequently perform in sign languages.

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