Who Is Clipper Darrell aka Darrell Bailey LA Clippers Superfan, His Age, Job, Net Worth

Who Is Clipper Darrell aka Darrell Bailey LA Clippers Superfan, His Age, Job, Net Worth

When a brawl broke out at a game on Monday, the most well-known L.A. Clippers supporter, Clipper Darrell, was unconscious, know his job and net worth

Darrell is seen being knocked out by a security guard in a recent video that TMZ Sports has obtained.

Who Is Clipper Darrell aka Darrell Bailey LA Clippers Superfan, His Age, Job, Net Worth, Instagram

Darrell went unconscious after a sucker punch.

The video shows Darrell, real name Darrell Bailey, standing next to a security guard inside Crypto.com Arena following the Clippers’ game versus the Boston Celtics while sporting his infamous half-red, half-blue attire.

The red-clad attacker then threw a balled-up fist at Clipper Darrell, striking the superfan square in the jaw. Darrell appeared to lose consciousness after slamming into a nearby trash can.


Official remark from the Crypto.com Arena president

The security agent tried to point Darrell and other fleeing fans to an adjacent exit when the confrontation started, according to Lee Zeidman, the president of Crypto.com Arena. According to Zeidman, Clipper Darrell got into a verbal argument that turned physical. Darryl was referred to a nearby hospital for additional evaluation and treatment after receiving emergency care.

Following an investigation into the occurrence, it was determined that the employee’s conduct was clearly in violation of our policies and accepted practices, and they were immediately terminated and taken to jail by the Los Angeles Police Department.

How’s the condition of Darrell?

According to reports, Darrell still feels a lot of pain from the punch and has headaches. Since purchasing season tickets for the Clippers more than 20 years ago, Darrell has become a spectator at home games, wearing his distinctive blue-and-red outfit and yelling, “Let’s go Clippers! Let’s move!


55 year old Darrell moved from job to job to no avail, before finding solace in the Clippers, who were also under judgemental scrutiny at the time. Before the identity of Clipper Darell came about, the superfan was known as ‘Dancing Man’ before changing names following radio performances and a growth in his following.

He is a Host four @Fan_Truth on @DashRadio / DashTalkX Every Saturday Morning with @Tamara_Reports @GemaGeezy @DjCouz at 11am-1pm with people.AI reporting his net worth to stand at $1 million.

He is, however, highly unpopular among Clipper’s supporters due to his supposed self-promotional tendencies. With several divisive social media posts earlier this year, Darrell also sparked controversy.


The clippers defeat NBA-leading Celtics with ease.

After cruising past league-leading Boston to win 113-93 on Monday, the Clippers began to resemble the title contenders they had been projected to be during training camp. Although there were many more minute factors at play on this particular night, as Kawhi Leonard phrased it after the game, it all came down to their ability to get their best players healthy and on the court. In beating the reigning Eastern Conference champions, they proved that their health has really been the core of practically everything that’s gone wrong so far for Ty Lue’s squad.

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