Who is Claudia Morales girlfriend of NYC poet Ryan Carson stabbed to death in viral video

Who is Claudia Morales girlfriend of NYC poet Ryan Carson stabbed to death in viral video

In a shocking incident, authorities are currently on the lookout for a suspect following a gruesome stabbing incident which led to the death of Ryan Carson, who was out with his girlfriend Claudia Morales

The horrific incident included numerous stabbings, and took place early Monday, in New York City, next to a bus stop.

Who is Claudia Morales girlfriend of NYC poet and activist Ryan Carson stabbed to death in viral video

According to reports, Ryan’s girlfriend Claudia Morales is allegedly a black lives matter activist.


32 year old Claudia Morales, has sparked a flurry of activity on social media, with people unearthing old posts where the latter was seen in pictures wearing an ACAB t-shirt in 2020 during the BLM movement. Upon digging into Morales’ background, it has been found that she is a black rights movement activist.

Ryan Carson bio

Ryan was a 31-year-old well-known advocate for social justice who worked tirelessly in making plans for campaigns across New York. Although originally from Boston, Carson moved to New York City, back in 2010 to continue studying at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. Prior to his death, Ryan worked as a senior solid waste campaign manager for the New York Public Interest Research Group. Ryan also started the famous “No OD NY” campaign, which was aimed towards increasing public knowledge about overdose prevention facilities.

Ryan Carson stabbed to death

The tragic incident happened just before 4 a.m. in Brooklyn when Carson was out with his girlfriend. According to reports, the couple were returning home after attending a wedding together. As the pair sat at by a bus stop, the culprit went past them and stated damaging neighboring scooters. Seeing this, the couple initially started to approach the guy.


Upon confrontation, the suspect asked Carson:

What are you looking at?”

He asked this with an obvious agitation in his voice according to NYPD chief Joseph Kenny.

Carson, realizing the situation immediately placed himself between the attacker and his girlfriend in an attempt to defend her. While doing so, he tried to diffuse the situation but the suspect turned aggressive and swung a knife at Carson. Carson got stabbed in the chest and stumbled as a result, and eventually passed away after succumbing to his wounds.

Following the tragic incident, NYC Mayor Eric Adams expressed his profound sadness for the victim and labeled it as “unthinkable.” Eric reassured the people that the NYPD will by all means seek justice for Carson’s untimely death.


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