Who is Chris Chan, age, father, mother, story, Twitter and Reddit

Who is Chris Chan, age, father, mother, story, Twitter and Reddit

Chris Chan is a former webcomic creator and YouTuber, know what she did, her mother and story

Find out more about her background, career, and much more.

Chris Chan, the YouTuber and creator of the Sonichu webcomic, has reportedly been released from jail in Virginia on the order of a court, though the reason behind this decision remains unknown.

She had been in custody at the Central Virginia Regional Jail since her arrest on August 1, 2021, on charges related to sexual assault against her own mother.

However, soon after the news of her release went viral on March 27, 2023, social media erupted in huge outrage, with some individuals receiving warning messages about her release.

Initially, the Virginia VINE website indicated that Chan had been “bonded out” and was “out of custody,” leading Twitter users to take notice. However, the website was later updated to indicate that Chan was no longer in the custody of the Central Virginia Regional Jail and had been released by court order.

Who is Chris Chan, age, father, mother, story of what she did, Twitter and Reddit

Due to this, Chris Chan has become a trending topic of discussion, with many people trying to find out more about her. So, here’s what we know about her:


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Who is Chris Chan?

Chis Chan is a former YouTuber and content creator. She has been in the news because she was recently released from jail after she was arrested in 2021 for sexually assaulting her own mother.


Her full name is Christine Weston Chandler. She was born on February 24, 1982, in Charlottesville, Virginia. At the time of her birth, she was a boy named Christopher Weston Chandler. Later, she was brought up in Ruckersville, Virginia, and changed her gender. That’s why she identifies as a proud lesbian transwoman and requests that people address her using the correct pronouns.

Her father’s name is Robert Franklin “Bob” Chandler Jr., and her mother’s name is Barbara Ann Weston. When Chris Chan was a child, she suffered from autism.

After completing her schooling, she studied computer-aided drafting and design at Piedmont Virginia Community College. She is currently 41 years old.


Her career

Chris Chan is a webcomic creator who gained notoriety for her creation of the Sonichu comic series, featuring a crossover between Sonic the Hedgehog and Pokemon. She has also been described as a polarizing internet celebrity who has been the target of internet trolling.

She also had a wide following on Twitter and YouTube before she was arrested.

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