Who is chess player Roman Shogdzhiev, bio, age, nationality, origin and rating

Who is chess player Roman Shogdzhiev, bio, age, nationality, origin and rating

Here is all you need to know about Roman Shogdzhiev along with his nationality and rating as the chess prodigy defeats five Grandmasters 

Eight-year-old Roman Shogdzhiev defeated five grandmasters to win the World Rapid and Blitz Championships. It was an amazing feat that garnered accolades from many, including Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen, who was Roman’s idol.

Who is chess player Roman Shogdzhiev, bio, age, nationality, origin and FIDE rating

Carlsen, who won two games in a row at the World Championships, was equally impressed by the Russian, whom he believes has a chance to compete at the highest levels in chess. He stated, as per Dexerto outlet:

Those kids are strong! It’s very impressive,” he praised. “It’s fun to see—maybe we’ll see him at the very top in a few years.”

In round one, Shogdzhiev faced Olympiad champion GM Jakhongir Vakhidov of Uzbekistan. In rounds two and four, he drew with GM Gadir Guseinov and GM Aleksey Dreev, two seasoned GMs.


With an astounding 5.5/13 score and a rating performance of 2429, receiving 182 rating points, Shogdzhiev; the world under-8 champion; ended the quick competition. GM Johan-Sebastian Christiansen was his next victim, he revealed to Norwegian TV, as per the Chess.com:

“I had never even heard of him before—maybe I should have. It’s pretty crazy to be that good when you are eight years old. When I was at that age, I had barely learned the rules.”

He further said:


“I should never in my life have lost that game, but I managed to mess it up in time trouble. Regardless, he played on an enormously high level and in a mature way.”

Who is Roman Shogdzhiev?

Roman Shogdzhiev is a eight year old Chess prodigy who has already defeated five Grand Masters in World Rapid and Blitz Championships. His hometown is Elista, in the Kalmykian Republic of Russia and his family has relocated to Moscow. The young rising star started playing chess when he was just five years old, as per what her mother stated, in an interview with NRK. 


The prodigy has stated that attaining his objective and seeking to unseat his idol, Magnus, as the world’s best. He has already some titles under his belt.

  • 2023 World Under 8 Champion (with 11/11)
  • 2023 Asian Youth Under 8 Blitz Champion (with 9/9)
  • 2022 European Youth Under 8 Champion (as a seven-year-old)
2023-Feb 1749 2134
2023-Jan 1749 1978
2022-Dec 1759 2010
2022-Nov 1747 2033