Who is chess player Faustino Oro who defeated Magnus Carlsen, bio, age, FIDE rating and parents

Who is chess player Faustino Oro who defeated Magnus Carlsen, bio, age, FIDE rating and parents

Here is all you need yo know about age 10 Faustino Oro as the chess prodigy beats World No. 1 Magnus Carlsen

Magnus Carlsen may seem invincible because he has been ranked first in FIDE’s chess rankings for a considerable amount of time. But when he does, it’s a defeat worth noticing on the rare occasions.

In the 2024 Bullet Brawl, ten-year-old Argentine chess player Faustino Oro stunned the world on March 23 by defeating the top-ranked Norwegian player.

Who is chess player Faustino Oro who defeated Magnus Carlsen, bio, age, FIDE rating, family and parents

Oro finished 21st overall in the tournament by defeating the five-time World Chess Champion in 48 moves. After defeating Carlsen in the Bullet game, the 10-year-old prodigy has been dubbed the “Messi of chess.”

With wins over Grandmasters like Daniel Naroditsky and Hikaru Nakamura prior to this enormous victory, Oro has already gained widespread recognition.

Who is Faustino Oro?

Faustino Oro is a 10-year-old Chess prodigy from Argentina who was born in 2013. With a 2300 FIDE rating, he is the youngest player in history to do so. Since Argentine chess enthusiasts have high expectations due to his extraordinarily rapid rise, he is often called “Messi of chess.”


Breaking the previous record set by Uzbek legend Javokhir Sindarov, the “golden boy” (‘oro’ meaning gold in Spanish) became the youngest player in history to attain an IM norm in 2023.

Back in September of last year, Oro became the youngest player to ever receive an International Master norm. He had also become the youngest person to ever surpass the 2200 and 2300 rating thresholds prior to that.


The Argentine wunderkind did not begin playing at the age of four or five, in contrast to several of his extraordinary peers. He only started playing internet chess by happenstance in 2020, amid the pandemic. He was 7 years old at the time, and by the time he was 8, he was the world’s best under-10 player.

He achieved a bullet rating of 2958 on Chess.com in March 2024, winning both games against GMs Hikaru Nakamura and Magnus Carlsen.

FM Faustino Oro, the Argentinian chess prodigy is the youngest player ever to achieve a 2300 FIDE rating and as of November 2023, he had a 2377 rating. His IQ hasn’t been officially revealed.


Faustino Oro seems to be significantly ahead of other players born in 2013 or later
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Faustino Oro’s family

Faustino Oro’s father is Alejandro, aficionado Luis, who taught him the rules of chess. His mother’s name is Romina. Both of them have been supporting their son and arr the proud parents.