Who is chess master Anna Cramling Bellon, bio, age, parents, husband, mom and FIDE rating

Who is chess master Anna Cramling Bellon, bio, age, parents, husband, mom and FIDE rating

Anna Cramling Bellon is a Spanish-Swedish professional chess player who is currently holds the Woman FIDE Master title, find out more about her along with her FIDE rating

Cramling is a popular chess player who became the first chess streamer for the esports group Panda in January 2021.

Who is Swedish chess master Anna Cramling Bellon, bio, age, parents, husband, mom and FIDE rating

Aside from playing chess professionally, Anna is also a chess commentator, streamer, and chess celebrity.

Anna Cramling Bellon bio and age

Anna Yolanda Cramling Bellón is a Spanish-Swedish chess player who was born on April 30, 2002, in Fuengirola, Spain. She is currently 22 years old and holds the title of Woman FIDE Master. Anna had a peak FIDE rating of 2175, which she attained in March 2018. She has previously represented Sweden in the 2016 and 2022 Chess Olympiad. She also has two European Team Chess Championships.

Cramling Bellon, Anna. World Rank (Active):. 18044. Federation: Sweden


Anna Cramling Bellon parents

Anna Cramling Bellon is the daughter of grandmasters Juan Manuel Bellon Lopez and Pia Cramling. Her mother Pia Cramling was the fifth-ever female grandmaster, while her father is a five-time Spanish chess champion.

Anna is currently single and unmarried.

Chess Career

Anna started out playing chess at the young age of three. She gained prominence after making the Swedish women’s team at the 2016 Olympiad, finishing 23 out of 140 countries. She went on to obtain the WFM title in 2018, following which her FIDE rating jumped from 2043 to 2175. The following year, in 2019, Anna tied for fifth place at the European Girls U-18 Championship.


Anna Cramling chess streaming

Anna Cramling is also a regular Twitch live streamer and YouTuber who goes by the channel name AnnaCramling. She has over 416,000 followers on her Twitch, which she began in February 2020 . Back in an interview, Cramling credited “The Queen’s Gambit” with helping build her audience, which was just at 35,000 followers. Anna Cramling also has over 981,000+ subscribers on her YouTube channel. Back in March 2020, Cramling participated in a charity match titled “Femme Batale” alongside IM Anna Rudolf, WGM Jennifer Shahade, and fellow WFM and streamer Alexandra Botez.

Anna Cramling Bellon most played openings

Given below are Anna Cramling Bellon most played opening stats:


White Pieces

Moves Games
Nimzo-Indian Defense: Classical Variation 8 games
Queen’s Gambit Declined: Exchange, Positional Line 8 games
Queen’s Gambit Declined: Charousek Variation 4 games
Réti Opening: Nimzowitsch-Larsen Attack 4 games
Van’t Kruijs Opening 3 games

Black Pieces

Moves Games
Sicilian Defense: Four Knights Variation 11 games
English Opening: Symmetrical Variation 6 games
Sicilian Defense: French Variation 5 games
Sicilian Defense: Normal Line 3 games
Alapin Sicilian Defense 3 games

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