Who is Cassandra Anderson ex-girlfriend of Kevin Durant, her age, height and Instagram

Who is Cassandra Anderson ex-girlfriend of Kevin Durant, her age, height and Instagram

Here is all about who is Cassandra Anderson and her age and height

Kevin Durant, a former Brooklyn Nets player who is set to join the Phoenix Suns has generated a lot of rumours about his personal life.

Durant dated several ladies throughout his NBA career. One of them was Cassandra Anderson, his girlfriend. While Kevin was engaged to WNBA player Monica Wright, they were having a confidential romance.

Their connection was reported on in the media in 2017, according to sources. Cassandra was there at the match and could be seen in the spouses’ gallery at the time when Kevin was a member of the Golden State Warriors.

Who is Cassandra Anderson ex-girlfriend of Kevin Durant, her age, height, Instagram

Along with this, the two frequently interacted on one other’s social media profiles, primarily Cassandra’s Snapchat account. This was accompanied by a video showing the two of them together at a game.

The two separated in 2020, and as a result, Cassandra’s page no longer featured Kevin’s photo and she deleted her account.


Kevin Durant is presently single and not dating anyone. Let’s instead look at Cassandra Anderson, Kevin’s ex-girlfriend, and her life.

Who is Cassandra Anderson?

Cassandra Anderson is of African American descent. She was born on May 25, 1990, in California. She is currently 33 years old with her height at 5 feet 11 inches.

Cassandra Anderson education and career

Bakersfield High School is where she received her education degree. She won Bakersfield Californian Player of the Year while she was a student there in 2007. In addition, she took home the offensive MVP prize three times. She then left to attend the University of Florida to continue her academic career.


At the university, Cassandra was a volleyball player for the Florida Gators team and stands 6 feet 1. She played with Callie Rivers, the daughter of Doc Rivers, as well.

She nevertheless earned a Bachelor of Arts in Recreation and Tourism in 2012 and received her diploma. She later worked in 2016 as a real estate agent in Los Angeles, California, for Rodeo Realty Brentwood.

She went to Pleasanton, California, after that, where she worked for Berkshire Hathaway Drysdale Properties, in 2017.


Cassandra Anderson social media

She also has over 1.5k Instagram followers, making her a rather well-known businesswoman. There is not much information about her and her family.


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