Who is Carol Buchanan wife of Ken Buchanan, age, family, son, net worth

Who is Carol Buchanan wife of Ken Buchanan, age, family, son, net worth

Ken Buchanan, a famous boxer, died on Saturday, April 1, at the age of 77, know more about his wife

A statement from the Ken Buchanan Foundation said that he died of dementia.

Buchanan was a world champion boxer who had won 61 of his 69 fights. A year ago, he was told that he had dementia.

Who is Carol Buchanan wife of Ken Buchanan, age, family, son, net worth now in 2023

Buchanan was born on June 28, 1947, in Edinburgh, Scotland. He started boxing as an amateur, but in 1965, he turned pro. He quickly became a force to be reckoned with. Ken won his first 26 fights, and it wasn’t until 1970 that he lost his first professional fight.

Throughout his career, Buchanan kept fighting at the highest level. He went up against some of the biggest names in the sport, like Roberto Duran, Carlos Ortiz, and Jim Watt. In 1982, after 69 fights, 61 of which he won, he stopped boxing. In 2000, he was given a place in the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

Ken Buchanan’s personal life: Marriage, children, and net worth

Buchanan was married to Carol Buchanan, but the date of their marriage could not be confirmed. While Carol’s DOB isn’t known, she is aged between 70-75 years. Their only child was Mark Buchanan. People believed Buchanan’s net worth to be around $1 million.


Ken was the father of three children named Raymond Fraser Buchanan, Mark, and Karen. Raymond is his child from Ken’s previous relationship with Maria. Ken and Maria split before Raymond was born and he was also married to Eileen, but she left him within six months for another man.

“It is with great sadness that we inform you Ken passed away peacefully in his sleep,” the Ken Buchanan Foundation said in a statement. “RIP Ken, always a gentleman and one of the best champions we will ever see.”

Buchanan died a year after his son Mark said that he had been diagnosed with dementia. When one of boxing’s best champions died, everyone in the sport was sad.

“Absolutely gutted at the news Ken Buchanan has died,” journalist Bill Lothian wrote on Twitter. “So proud that I could call him a friend and he reciprocated with this plaque given to me when doing me the honour of attending my party for a big birthday last year.”

Dementia and brain damage in boxers

The death of Buchanan shows how hard boxing can be on a fighter’s health. Boxers often develop dementia due to frequent head hits during their careers, putting them at risk for brain damage.

In recent years, the boxing community has worked to make fighters safer by requiring brain scans and cutting the number of rounds in fights, among other things. But there needs to be more done to protect boxers’ health.

Ken Buchanan will go down in history as one of the best boxers ever. Fans of boxing all over the world will remember him for a long time, and what he did in the ring will continue to inspire future fighters.

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