Who is Brownie the Elf Cleveland Browns mascot, history, logo and elves meaning explained

Who is Brownie the Elf Cleveland Browns mascot, history, logo and elves meaning explained

Here is all about Cleveland Browns’ mascot named Brownie the Elf, the official mascot ever since the club was formed and its history

To defeat the Bengals, an AFC North opponent, in Week 1 required plenty of motivation from the Browns. However, Ja’Marr Chase gave them a bit more drive.

Who is Brownie the Elf Cleveland Browns mascot, history, story, logo and elves meaning explained

In a press conference the week before the game, Cincinnati’s star wide receiver admitted that he came close to calling the Browns “Elves” and saying that “Cleveland is Cleveland.” EDGE of Browns Myles Garrett took notice, bringing up the remark about “elves” in particular.

Since the Cleveland Browns were founded, Brownie the Elf has served as the team’s official mascot. Cleveland’s previous NFL club was the Rams, who played there before the Browns arrived in the city. After the 1945 NFL season, they chose to relocate to California. The Browns were able to launch a brand-new franchise in the abandoned city as a result of this.


In 1946, the Cleveland Browns were created formally. Mickey McBride, the franchise’s first owner, chose to play in the AAFC for their initial season rather than the NFL. The appointment of Paul Brown as their head coach was one of McBride’s first significant decisions. It was well received by Cleveland supporters because he was a well-known football legend in the state of Ohio.

Prior to choosing an official team name, supporters frequently referred to the new Cleveland football team as “Paul Brown’s Team.” This prompted McBride to honour the franchise’s illustrious face, Paul Brown, by branding the Browns with their already well-known adopted moniker. The mascot was the only item that was suddenly absent.

Brownie the Elf was chosen by McBride to serve as the official mascot of the Cleveland Browns. He acknowledged that choosing a mascot was an intelligent business move that provided numerous branding options, including the ability to sell items.


The Brownies were said to be elves who resided inside of people’s homes in old English folklore, which is thought to have originated in Northern England.

They only left the house throughout the night when everyone else slept to help with farm work and household tasks. The family would allegedly leave out a dish of fresh cream as payment for the Brownies’ assistance. People who acknowledged having Brownies in their homes also thought it was prudent to keep them content.


He is said to believe that the word Brownies fits the Browns club name perfectly. He hoped that his squad would enjoy the same level of popularity and adoration that the elves did. Brownie was changed to “Brownie the Elf” and became the name of the franchise.


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