Who is Brian Pillman Jr, bio, age, height, parents, mom, wife, WWE contract, salary

Who is Brian Pillman Jr, bio, age, height, parents, mom, wife, WWE contract, salary

WWE NXT have signed Brian Pillman, Jr who is the son of former WWE legend Brian Pillman, find out more about him below along with his age, height and wife

Hardcore WWE Universe members recently spotted Pillman, Jr. making a blink-and-miss appearance during NXT No Mercy on September 30.

Who is Brian Pillman Jr, bio, age, height, parents, mom, wife, WWE contract, salary

With WWE bringing in another world-class athlete to their locker room, fans are eagerly awaiting his in-ring debut.

He reportedly signed with WWE, and he was set to start in NXT at the end of August but in recent weeks, vignettes that clearly link to Pillman Jr. have aired on NXT TV but his WWE contract and salary details aren’t known.

Brian Pillman, Jr. signs for WWE NXT

Being the father of former Brian Pillman, the 30-year-old already has WWE Superstar DNA running through his veins. In the past, many WWE Superstars have tried to follow in their parents’ footsteps but none of them have had the physical specs that Pillman, Jr. has. In fact, the future WWE superstar has even more athletic ability than his father.

Moreover, despite showing off his rare talents in other promotions, fans and critics have always matched him to the WWE. As such, spending some time polishing his skills in the Performance Center against other up-and-coming talent in NXT seems to be the best route.


Brian Pillman, Jr. bio and age

Brian Zachary Pillman is an American professional wrestler who was born on 9 September 1993 in Erlanger, Kentucky, USA. He is currently 30 years old and signed to WWE, where he will make a debut on the NXT brand. Prior to that, he has wrestled in All Elite Wrestling and Major League Wrestling.


Brian Pillma, Jr. was born to parents Brian Pillman and Melanie Pillman. His father was a former professional WWE wrestler while his mother is a former model.

As per his 2019 Instagram post, the star was dating Sports Broadcaster, Sam Leterna and in February that year, the star posted a picture with his then-girlfriend Sam, after one of the duo’s workout sessions. He is currently single.



During his childhood, Pillman attended Dixie Heights High School in Edgewood, Kentucky, where he played school football. After graduating in 2011, he later attended Northern Kentucky University and graduated with a degree in Information Systems.

Height and weight

Brian Pillma, Jr. currently stands at a height of 1.85 m or 6’1” and weighs around 93 kg.

Brian Pillman, Jr. career

Brian Pillman started out by training at the Storm Wrestling Academy, where he trained under Lance Storm in Calgary, Canada. He started out in the Independent circuit from 2017 to 2021, making his debut in December 30, 2017. He then signed a new contract with Major League Wrestling where he wrestled from 2018- 2021.

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, the MLW shut down and Pillman eventually signed to All Elite Wrestling where he wrestled from 2019-2023. Back to the present, the future WWE superstar has now joined WWE’s NXT after signing a new contract. According to reports, Pillman, Jr. had a tryout at the WWE Performance Center on July 16, 2023. He later officially joined NXT in late August with videos promoting his debut around in September.


Brian Pillman

Brian Pillman, father of Brian Pillman. Jr. is arguably one of the most physically talented and unpredictable WWE Superstars.  Following his tragic death in 1997, Brian left behind one of the most lasting legacies in the history of wrestling. During his career, Pillman Due suffered injuries from a near-fatal automobile accident, and gained fame for constantly being part of shocking moments, in and out of the ring.

His unpredictable actions earned him the WWE nickname “The Loose Cannon”. One such moment was when he pulled a gun on Stone Cold when he invaded his home. In fact, due to his controversies, Pillman was arguably one of the flag bearers of the WWE Attitude Era. Before signing with the WWE, Brian Pillman wrestled in WCW and pioneered an entire wrestling style. He was considered as one of the few Superstars to mix the Japanese high-flying style successfully with American light heavyweight action. Pillman was one of the first wrestlers made the WCW cruiserweight division famous.

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