Who is Bria Anderson wife of Tim Anderson, bio, age, husband, children, net worth, Instagram

Who is Bria Anderson wife of Tim Anderson, bio, age, husband, children, net worth, Instagram

After several accusations of him cheating on his wife, Chicago White Sox star Tim Anderson’s marriage has been in trouble, know about Bria Anderson and their children along with her bio and net worth

The marriage of Chicago White Sox star Tim Anderson has been in the news recently due to charges of adultery dating back to last year, which is a terrible turn of events.

Tim Anderson, a top pitcher for the Chicago White Sox, has been accused of cheating on Bria Anderson several times, which has caused his marriage to fall apart.

His wife, however, has refrained from commenting on the rumour and has shown solidarity for the celebrity.

DeJah Lanae and Anderson are romantically involved and have a child together.

Who is Bria Anderson wife of Tim Anderson, bio, age, birthday, husband, children, net worth, Instagram


Tim Anderson, an MLB player, is married to Bria Anderson. In 2017, the couple were hitched. Paxton Anderson and Peyton Anderson are their two children.

She obtained her Bachelor of Science degree from the College of Alabama and graduated with a degree in learning and education from College of West Alabama. While her DOB isn’t known, she is aged between 25-30 years. Her husband Tim has a net worth of $110 million.


The allegations of Tim Anderson’s relationship with a different lady last year spread like wildfire throughout the baseball community. DeJah Lanae, who is purportedly in a relationship with Tim, gave birth to a child in October four months later.

Despite these grave claims, Anderson’s wife Bria hasn’t expressed any criticism of him. She recently shared a picture of him online along with the message, “Boy, I love you on your worst day.”

But three months ago, a significant abrupt change occurred. Tim attempted to end the uproar by sharing an Instagram photo of his child with Dejah. Influencer in social media DeJah Lanae has a significant fan base. She and Tim Anderson had an illicit relationship that resulted in their, having a kid.


Tim Anderson, a former Major League Baseball batting champion and two-time All-Star, has come under fire for his behaviour off the pitch. However, it’s crucial to recognise his services to the Chicago White Sox and his on-field accomplishments.

Thanks to Anderson’s exceptional skills and achievements on the field, he was chosen for two MLB All-Star Games, received the Silver Slugger Award, and led the American League in hitting average in 2019.