Who is Bret Contreras aka Glute Guy trainer of Lionel Messi wife Antonella Roccuzzo

Who is Bret Contreras aka Glute Guy trainer of Lionel Messi wife Antonella Roccuzzo

Here is all you need to know about Antonella Roccuzzo’s trainer as the Glute Guy aka Bret Contreras is seen in Lionel Messi workout video 

After Inter Miami was eliminated from the Major League Soccer (MLS) too soon, Lionel Messi is still on vacation, but he isn’t unwinding.

Who is Bret Contreras aka Glute Guy personal trainer of Lionel Messi wife Antonella Roccuzzo

Although he seems to be enjoying himself tremendously on his vacation, Argentine fans are going crazy about a tiny video that his wife Antonela Roccuzzo shared of him doing out. In a video that she shared on Instagram on Monday, Messi was seen doing pull-ups while sporting a dip belt and a weight between his knees.

At the brief clip, which was shot at a Fort Lauderdale gym, Antonela Roccuzzo scribbled “chin ups” and some fire emojis while Messi performed barbell workouts that strengthened his arms and chest. The exercises were made harder by adding weight, and the teacher counted down the reps while Bad Bunny music played.


Antonella Roccuzzo has demonstrated recently that, like her partner Lionel Messi, she is serious about maintaining her physical fitness. Together with Contreras, who was shown supervising Messi’s training in the video, she tagged Messi in the post.

Who is Glute Guy aka Bret Contreras?

The recent video of Lionel Messi also had his wife’s trainer in it. The gym in which both the couples recently were seen in is owned by Bret Contreras also known as the Glute Lab. He is a Miami based personal trainer. Since Messi and Antonela relocated to Miami earlier this year, he has started working with her.

Bret posts a tonne of fitness-related tips on both his personal and professional Instagram accounts, both of which go by the moniker @BootybyBretofficial.


Since immigrating to the US, Roccuzzo has shared photos from inside Contreras’s Miami “Glute Lab” gym, popularly referred to as the “Glute House,” where she has been exercising.

The girlfriend of Inter Miami midfielder Sergio Busquets, Elena Galera, is another one of his clients. This is because his speciality is helping his mostly female clientele to increase the size and strength of their buttocks.