Who is Brazilian biker Fernanda who was gang-r*ped in Dumka Jharkhand, biography, husband and Instagram

Who is Brazilian biker Fernanda who was gang-r*ped in Dumka Jharkhand, biography, husband and Instagram

In the Dumka district in Jharkhand, a tragic incident occurred when a 28-year-old Brazilian national and biker Fernanda was reportedly gang-r*ped late one Friday night.

Brazilian biker Fernanda was g*ng raped in the Kurumahat area under the jurisdiction of the Hansdiha police station.

Who is Brazilian biker Fernanda who was gang-r*ped in Dumka Jharkhand, biography, husband, video and Instagram

Accompanied by her husband, the victim Fernanda was riding a bike when a group of 8-10 people intercepted them, forcibly taking her to a secluded location where the crime took place. This horrifying incident transformed what was supposed to be a routine night ride into a terrifying ordeal of brutality.

Police investigation

According to Dumka SP Pitamber Singh Kherwar, the victim sought help around 10:30pm-11pm, stopping a police van on patrol. She had visible bruise injuries and was taken to the hospital where she disclosed that she had been raped. The police have detained three individuals, and further investigations are ongoing.

Information regarding the Brazilian couple’s visit to Dumka is still unclear. The police are currently gathering more details to understand their route and the circumstances surrounding their visit.

A Brazilian woman, who was on a tour with her Spanish husband, was gang-r*ped by a group of men on Friday night in Jharkhand’s Dumka district, police said.

Officials aware of the investigation said that the couple, who were on a tourist visa in India, had camped near Kunji Basti, about two km from Kurmahat, after reaching there at around 5pm on Friday and the incident took place as some local youths went on to rob them and also gang-r*ped the women.


Police said that a patrolling team of Hansdiha police spotted the couple near the road but couldn’t comprehend their language and the duo narrated the incident using Google Translate. SP Kherwar said their team came to know about the incident last night, and following medical examination and based on the statement given by the woman, they have arrested three persons.

Who is Fernanda?


Fernanda, a passionate 28 year old Brazilian motorcyclist and ambassador for @klimmotorcycle, experienced a shocking act of violence in Makarkanda, Jharkhand. She is married to her Spanish husband Vicente.


This Brazilian adventurer, exploring the world on a motorcycle, shares moments of joy, the excitement of the ride, and authentic experiences.

In a post on social media, Fernanda shared the unimaginable horror she and her 64 year old husband faced of being r*ped, assaulted, and robbed by seven men. This incident not only brings a dark cloud over the biking community but also tarnishes the image of a country known for its hospitality and kindness.

A political official has revealed that three arrests have been made, and a search is underway for the remaining suspects. This incident has led to a widespread demand for swift justice by ensuring that those accountable face the full consequences of their actions.


The events in Dumka and Makarkanda have raised concerns about the effect on India’s reputation. While such actions are rare and not indicative of the norm, they prompt a revaluation of how the nation is perceived, challenging its reputation.

This incidents have ignited international outrage by highlighting the difficulties encountered by solo travellers worldwide, especially women. The biking community is now leading discussions on safety measures, advocating for a world where every adventurer can pursue their passions without fear. This advocacy is reshaping the dialogue surrounding solo travel.

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