Who is Bori Fati father of Ansu Fati, biography, age, family, wife, children, career

Who is Bori Fati father of Ansu Fati, biography, age, family, wife, children, career

Bori Fati is an ex-footballer and the father of footballer Ansu Fati, know his age and family

Find out more about his background, career, and much more.

Ansu Fati’s father, Bori Fati, voiced his displeasure with the treatment his son has been receiving at the Barcelona club and said he would prefer his son transfer elsewhere.

While Ansu wants to stay in Barcelona and be successful, his father is not satisfied with the little playing time he gets—often just a few minutes every game. His father blasted Barcelona for not making better use of Ansu and said that while he is not asking for his son to start, more opportunities should be provided to him to show off his skills.

Who is Bori Fati father of Ansu Fati, biography, age, family, wife, children, career, ethnicity

He stressed that Ansu is a crucial player who came up through the La Masia Barca program, became a Spanish international, and won the number 10 jersey for the team.

Due to this, Bori Fati has become a trending topic of discussion, with many people trying to find out more about him. So, here’s what we know about him:


Who is Bori Fati?

Bori Fati is a former footballer and is renowned for being the father of Spanish footballer Anssumane Fati. He has been in the news because he recently criticized the Barcelona club for not giving his son enough opportunities.


He was born in Guinea-Bissau. He later moved to Portugal. However, he later found his way to Marinaleda, a tiny town near Seville that offered job prospects for immigrants.

Bori Fati struggled to make ends meet, though, until he ran across the mayor of the town, Juan Manuel Sánchez Gordillo, who gave him a job as a driver. He opted to settle down in the neighboring town of Herrera after accepting the opportunity.

He is married; however, not much is known about his wife. He is the father of three children named Braima Fati, Miguel, and Anssumane. All three of his sons are football players like him. The whole family is currently based in Sevilla.


While his exact age is not known, several reports say that he is in his mid-50s.

His career

Bori Fati is an ex-football player. He played for various teams in the lower levels after moving to Portugal. Nonetheless, he was compelled to give up his profession and work a few menial but secure jobs to support the family.

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