Who is Bing Worthington brother of Snoop Dogg, cause of death, bio, age, height, wife and net worth

Who is Bing Worthington brother of Snoop Dogg, cause of death, bio, age, height, wife and net worth

Bing Worthington, the younger brother of superstar rapper Snoop Dogg, left an indelible mark on the music industry and beyond before his untimely passing at the age of 44, have a look at his cause of death and net worth

The collaborations of Bing Worthington with his brother and his contributions to various ventures solidified his legacy as a music executive and entrepreneur.

Who is Bing Worthington brother of Snoop Dogg, cause of death, bio, age, height, wife, songs and net worth

44-year-old Bing Worthington was born 4 May. He was 5ft 11in tall.

Vernall Varnado, a singer, mail carrier, and veteran of the Vietnam War is Bing Worthington’s father. His mother is Beverly Broadus. Shortly after his brother Snoop Dogg’s birth, Vernall left the family. Calvin Cordozar Broadus Sr. is his step father.

Bing completed his education in California. He is survived by his wife MyMy Jordan.


Bing Worthington career

The journey of Bing Worthington in the music industry began with his involvement in the hip-hop group Lifestyle where he showcased his musical talents alongside his brother. Their album “Liquid Cocaine,” released in 2003 shared passion for music. However, Worthington soon realized that his interests lay beyond just the artistic aspect of music.

In a 2016 interview with Vice, Worthington reflected on his transition to focusing on the business side of the music industry. He acknowledged his strengths in networking and negotiating by realizing that his talents were better suited for handling the business aspects of music. This realization led him to explore opportunities beyond being a performer.

One of Worthington’s significant contributions was his role in merging a record label associated with Snoop Dogg’s business ventures with Quebec-based Urban Heat Legends, resulting in the creation of Dogg Records. His friendship with Miguel Lopez, the chief of Urban Heat Legends, facilitated this collaboration, which expanded Snoop Dogg’s presence in the music industry.

But Worthington’s influence extended beyond music. He played a pivotal role in various endeavors launched under his brother’s branding, including the Snoop Dogg Company, a skateboard deck-maker, and Snoop Doggs, a hot-dog startup. His involvement as Snoop Dogg’s tour manager further showcased his versatility and dedication to his brother’s career.


In addition to his entrepreneurial pursuits, Worthington also made contributions to the entertainment industry as an executive producer. He spearheaded the production of the birthday party documentary “Bigg Snoop Dogg: Raw ‘N Uncut Vol. 1,” released in 2003, further solidifying his presence in the world of entertainment.

Despite his success in the music and business realms, Bing Worthington remained grounded in his family ties. As Snoop Dogg’s maternal half-brother, he shared a deep bond with his sibling, collaborating on numerous projects and supporting each other’s endeavors throughout their lives.

Bing Worthington’s death

Bing Worthington’s passing on February 15, 2024, came as a shock to many, leaving behind a void in the music industry and in the lives of those who knew him. However, his legacy as a music executive, entrepreneur, and devoted brother will continue to inspire and influence future generations in the entertainment world.


His cause of death was not disclosed, but the “Young, Wild & Free” rapper took to Instagram on Friday to pay tribute to Bing.

Bing Worthington’s net worth

Bing Worthington was estimated to have a net worth close to $1 million.

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