Who is Bijan Tehrani Kick and Stake co-founder, net worth, bio, age, nationality and religion

Who is Bijan Tehrani Kick and Stake co-founder, net worth, bio, age, nationality and religion

Here is all you need to know about Kick co-founder Bijan Tehrani including his age, career, bio, net worth and more 

Bijan Tehrani, co-founder of Kick, has disclosed that the startup streaming service declined an astounding $1 billion offer.

Who is Bijan Tehrani Kick and Stake co-founder, net worth in 2024, bio, age, nationality and religion

Well-known esports personality Jake Lucky posted a one-minute clip from Adin Ross’ show in which Tyler “Trainwreckstv” predicted that the Florida native’s equity would be valued at “nine figures.” To which, the co-founder of the Kick platform stated:

We turned down $1b, anything is possible.”

Who is Bijan Tehrani?

29 year old Bijan Tehrani, who was born in 1995 is one of the founders of the Kick, the streaming platform. He alongside the other co-founder Edward Craven are credited for the existence of the platform.


In 2016, Bijan Tehrani, a native of the United States, founded Easygo, an online casino games company alongside Cavani. Not much is known about his background. He has an X amount with around 5.7k followers as of this writing.

Bijan Tehrani who is a Muslim by religion paid more than $(AU70 million for a New York home in 2023 and is a billionaire.

Easygo Entertainment Pty Ltd is the only shareholder of Kick Streaming; the firm was just formed a few months prior.


Another company, Ashwood Holdings Pty Ltd, owns a third of the company. Remarkably, Craven, a co-founder of Stake.com, owns all of Ashwood Holdings. Tehrani, the other co-founder of Stake.com is the owner of the remaining two thirds of Easygo Entertainment.

It is documented that Stake’s co-founders are the primary shareholders of the business that owns the streaming website, even though Kick is not directly connected to them.

Meanwhile, launched in 2022, Kick is an internet live streaming network. The network offers a substitute for the well-known streaming provider Twitch by giving content creators a 95–5% revenue split. Operated by Kick Streaming Pty Ltd, it is supported by streaming celebrity Trainwreckstv and co-founders of Stake.com, Tehrani and Craven.

Designed to rival Twitch, which is owned by Amazon, Kick was established in 2022 with an emphasis on more generous revenue sharing for streamers and laxer moderation.

Primarily recognised for its five percent revenue fee, Kick also struck partnerships in 2023 with several streamers who were previously well-known on Twitch, including chess master Hikaru Nakamura, Nickmercs, Adin Ross, Amouranth, Ice Poseidon, and xQc.