Who is Beavo aka Brandon Beavis on TikTok as video of him eating food without chewing goes viral

Who is Beavo aka Brandon Beavis on TikTok as video of him eating food without chewing goes viral

TikTok sensation Beavo, also known as Brandon Beavis, has gained widespread attention for his unique approach to eating, or rather, the lack of chewing involved in his meals

Despite the unconventional nature of his content, Beavo has become an internet sensation, amassing millions of views on TikTok and sparking discussions about the peculiar fascination people have with watching someone eat.

Who is Beavo aka Brandon Beavis on TikTok as videos of him eating food without chewing go viral

Beavo’s TikTok account boasts an impressive following, with over 942,500 followers and 17.9 million likes. His videos feature him devouring a variety of foods, ranging from traditional meals like roast beef dinners and KFC to indulgent treats, all without much emphasis on chewing.


The apparent disregard for chewing has left viewers intrigued and questioning why he opts for such an eating style. In response to viewer comments expressing concern about his minimal chewing, Beavo defends his approach, asserting that he doesn’t feel the need to chew extensively.

His videos showcase a consistent theme of consuming predominantly junk food, including pizza topped with fries and classic British dishes like beef, potatoes, and peas, all while adhering to his “no chew needed” motto.

Despite Beavo’s online popularity, some TikTok users have raised alarm in the comments, expressing worries about the potential risks associated with his eating habits.


Observations about the discomfort apparent in his eating style have sparked concerns about the safety of his unconventional approach to food consumption.

Who is TikToker Beavo?

Beyond TikTok, Beavo, under his real name Brandon Beavis, has expanded his influence to other social media platforms. With 591,000 followers and over 12 million likes on TikTok as of December 2023, Beavo has established himself as a social media star.

His popularity extends to Instagram, where he can command a substantial fee for sponsored posts, thanks to his significant following.

Beavo’s content predominantly features him indulging in junk food and takeaways, attracting an audience eager to witness his voracious appetite for everything from burgers to classic meals like roast dinners and fish and chips.


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