Who is Ashraf Ahmed brother of Atiq Ahmed: Biography, family, wife name, son

Who is Ashraf Ahmed brother of Atiq Ahmed: Biography, family, wife name, son

Atiq and Ashraf Ahmed were killed while being taken for a medical test in UP’s Prayagraj and the killers were caught on camera, know Ashraf’s biography and wife

Gangster Atiq and his real younger brother Ashraf Ahmed both are shot dead when they were both taken for medical in Prayagraj. As per the latest media reports, 2 three people were caught firing from close range at Atiq and his brother Ashraf as both were being taken for a medical in the city of Prayagraj.

Atiq was shot dead just a day after his son, Asad Ahmed, got killed in an encounter that took place in Jhansi.

Who is Ashraf Ahmed brother of Atiq Ahmed: Biography, family, wife name and son

Ashraf Ahmed was one of the seven acquitted from the Umesh Pal kidnapping case in 2006 and his brother-Atiq Ahmed-was handed a life sentence for the kidnapping.

Ashraf was moved to the Bareilly jail on March 28. The main suspects in the murder of BSP MLA Raju Pal in 2005 were Atiq Ahmed, his brother, and former MLA Ashraf. The court found Khalid Azim alias Ashraf, Atiq Ahmad’s brother, and six defendants not guilty. Despite the fact that Ahmad, a Samajwadi Party (SP) MP, had more than 100 cases filed against him over the years, this was his first conviction.

Ashraf’s father Haji Firoz was a rickshaw puller and he had two sisters Aisha and Unzila. He was married to Zaina Fatima aka Ruby with the two having four children. He had 51 cases registered against him.

Ashraf Ahmed shot dead


A video is getting viral on the social media of a man taking shot at Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf Ahmed from a close range. Both Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf both suddenly fell on the ground. The person who was firing shots was caught.

As per the initial report, Atiq and his brother, Ashraf both passed away near medical college in the city of UP’s Prayagraj. Police took the bodies of both brothers for further investigations.


Atiq Ahmed accused in 2005 BSP MLA Raju Pal murder case was seen in Umesh Pal murder which took place in February. His son, who is Asad recently got killed on the 13th April during an encounter in Jhansi when they tried to escape while he was accompanied by Ghulam, who were suspects in murder case of Umesh Pal in Prayagraj.

The police Commissioner, Ramit Sharma revealed that assailants came on motorcycles being media persons. They were coming to get near the brothers on the pretext of recording a news byte and suddenly fired at them from a very close range.

The police officials have detained three alleged assailants, who are identified as Navin Tiwari, Arun Maurya and Sonu, on spot and seized three firearms.


Vijay Mishra, who is the lawyer of murdered gangster told, ‘Someone from a massive crowd of people made a fire at Atiq Ahmed and his brother from close range.’ Mr. Mishra said he was standing just beside the brothers when they were shot dead.

Visuals of the incident show that Atiq and his brother were both walking alongside the reporters when someone shoots the gangster in the head.

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