Who is Ashley Scoggin ex-Nebraska basketball player who had a s*xual relationship with coach Chuck Love

Who is Ashley Scoggin ex-Nebraska basketball player who had a s*xual relationship with coach Chuck Love

Here is all you need to know about basketball player Ashley Scoggin including her age, career, bio and relationship with Chuck Love

In a civil lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court, former Nebraska women’s basketball guard Ashley Scoggin claims athletic director Trev Alberts and coach Amy Williams failed to act appropriately upon learning of her s*xual relationship with former associate head coach Chuck Love.

Who is Ashley Scoggin ex-Nebraska basketball player who had a s*xual relationship with head coach Chuck Love

In a lawsuit against athletic director Trev Alberts and head coach Amy Williams that was submitted on Sunday to the U.S. District Court, Scoggin made the charges.

In the lawsuit, it was stated that as the relationship progressed towards s*xual orientation, Chuck Love, the associate head coach at the time, reportedly showed interest in the player. In her lawsuit, Scoggin claims that she was afraid of being punished if she refrained from participating.


In order to make up for the claimed violations of her civil rights and suffering, the action seeks both compensatory and punitive damages, a report in USA Today suggests. The lawsuit, which was submitted on Sunday to a Nebraska federal district court, stated:


This ruse included a practice player falsely representing himself as Love to a (hotel) desk clerk in order to obtain Love’s room key.

It further stated:

It ended in two team members confronting Ashley in Love’s room. They reported their findings and showed their video recording to Williams.”

A report in USA Today further reported that Love allegedly started pressuring her to have a s*xual threesome with him and an unidentified other man, and when she declined, she claimed in her lawsuit that she was not allowed as much playing time.

Who is Ashley Scoggin?

Ashley Scoggin is a former guard for the Nebraska women’s basketball team. The 5-7″ was born on May 8, 1998, in Eugene, Ore. Ashley majored in child, youth, and family studies and graduated from Nebraska in May 2022 with a bachelor’s degree.


A look at Ashley Scoggin’s career

In both the fall and spring semesters of 2020–21, she was awarded positions on the Nebraska Scholar–Athlete Honour Roll. The Tom Osborne Citizenship Team included her as well in 2021.

Before her final year at Portland, Oregon’s Westview High School, she had an ACL tear in her left knee in the summer of 2015. Her collegiate enrollment was also postponed until after the 2016–17 season due to the injury.

During her sophomore year, Scoggin was paired with former WNBA player Jaime Nared (Las Vegas Aces), who entered for the Enisey (Russia) team in her fourth professional season in 2021–2022. She tarted 51 games in a row for Nebraska, including 25 in a row to begin the 2021–2022 season.


In 2022-23 season, she played no more after January 5 owing to knee surgery. Throughout 14 games, she averaged 2.0 points and 9.4 minutes played.

Ashley Scoggin’s parents

Ashley Scoggin was born to Craig and Krissy Scoggin. She also has a younger brother named Justin and a younger sister named Kyra.


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