Who is Art ‘One Glove’ Jimmerson as UFC legend passes away, cause of death, bio, age, record and net worth

Who is Art ‘One Glove’ Jimmerson as UFC legend passes away, cause of death, bio, age, record and net worth

Art “One Glove” Jimmerson, a trailblazer in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, passed away Wednesday at the age of 60, have a look at his UFC record and net worth

The tragic news was revealed by his daughter to ESPN. As of now the cause of Art Jimmerson’s death is not disclosed.

The UFC confirmed Jimmerson’s passing on Thursday, May 9, with a social media post saying, “Rest in peace to one of the pioneers, UFC 1 competitor Art Jimmerson.”

Who is Art ‘One Glove’ Jimmerson as UFC legend passes away, cause of death, bio, age, height, record and net worth

Arthur Jimmerson was born in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S. on August 4, 1963. He was an American boxer and mixed martial artist who competed in the super middleweight, light heavyweight, and cruiserweight divisions.

He had revealed that he was offered a stake in the UFC, now worth an estimated $12billion, but opted instead for $20,000 up front.

Through 62 fights in the ring, Jimmerson ended his career with a 40-22 record and in UFC 1, his record was 29-5.

As an amateur, the 5 ft 11 in (180 cm) professional boxer won the National Golden Gloves Middleweight championship in 1983. Jimmerson retired from professional boxing in 2002 with a record of 33 wins and 18 losses.

Throughout his career, he faced off against several world champions, such as Dennis Andries, Jeff Harding, Vassiliy Jirov, and Orlin Norris.


UFC Career

For the unversed, Jimmerson made history as the representative for boxing at UFC 1 on November 12, 1993.

Having achieved success in three different boxing weight classes, he entered the UFC’s inaugural event with the unique strategy of wearing only one glove on his left hand.

He aimed to jab with the gloved hand while using his powerful right hand to deliver knockout blows. However, Jimmerson’s bout at UFC 1 ended in a historic defeat.

He faced Royce Gracie, who would go on to win the tournament and become an MMA legend. Gracie took Jimmerson to the ground before he could throw a punch, leading to a submission in just 2 minutes and 18 seconds, the first in UFC history.


Coaching Career

Following his UFC appearance, Jimmerson transitioned into training fighters, coaching both professionals and beginners in Los Angeles.

Former UFC referee John McCarthy commended Jimmerson’s courage, stating, “Art Jimmerson was a true boxer who achieved remarkable success in his field.

“He was brave enough to test his skills against a discipline he knew little about.”

Jimmerson’s memorable bout at UFC 1 saw him wearing a boxing glove on his left hand and leaving his right hand bare.


He faced Royce Gracie in the opening round of the one-night tournament in Denver, Colorado, at the McNichols Sports Arena, where Gracie submitted him just over two minutes into the fight.

This unique glove choice earned Jimmerson his enduring nickname, “One Glove.” He continued to embrace this identity in his public appearances, often wearing the iconic glove on his left hand.

Our deepest condolences to the friends and family of Art Jimmerson. May his departed soul rest in peace.

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