Who is Arsenal fan Arabella Mia aka GreenGirlBella as she goes viral on Instagram

Who is Arsenal fan Arabella Mia aka GreenGirlBella as she goes viral on Instagram

Here is all you need to know about Arabella Mia, an Arsenal fan who is famous for wearing body paint on Instagram

This is not the first time that you have heard about the Arsenal fan with the body paint. By showing up to Arsenal in nothing but body paint, Arabella Mia has shocked the Gunners several times now. 

The girl has gotten a little too hot under her painted-on collar, and it almost gives Emirates fans even more to not keep their eyes off her following her creativity. The 27-year-old regularly travels to north London, dressed in only her trousers and a layer of body paint shaped like an Arsenal shirt. 

Who is Arsenal fan Arabella Mia aka GreenGirlBella as her photos go viral on Instagram

Despite the impression that she is completely undressed, Arabella reassures her fans that she is covered up beneath the paint.

While some have praised her for her crafty work, she also gets criticised for it with football fans calling her not a real fan. However, she proudly says that she is a Gooner for life. 

Mia has declared that she won’t be backing down anytime soon and that she will continue to wear body paint to Arsenal games in the future, despite the negative reaction and critical remarks on social media.  


Mia enthusiastically flaunted her eye-catching yellow away uniform from Arsenal’s 2023–24 campaign to her supporters prior to Sunday’s match at the Emirates. The social media celebrity had painted the Arsenal home shirt all over her body before the Man City game.

Who is Arabella Mia? 

27 year old Arabella Mia is a huge Arsenal fan known for wearing body paints that look like Arsenal jerseys. 


Thanks to her incredible body painting, the online sensation; also known as GreenGirlBella on social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram; has accumulated a sizable fan base. She also runs an Only Fans account. 

She has more than 199k followers on her Instagram account and you will definitely see a lot of her images donning Arsenal jerseys. 


Many of the football fans who have watched her in games have made fun of her for wearing a painted jersey on her skin and dressing in nothing but her innerwear.