Who is Angelique Cauchy tennis player ra*ped by Andrew Geddes, bio, age, nationality

Who is Angelique Cauchy tennis player ra*ped by Andrew Geddes, bio, age, nationality

Here is all you need to know about French tennis former player Angelique Cauchy who discloses that her former coach r*ped her several times in childhood 

Former French tennis star Angelique Cauchy gave testimony about the horrific treatment she received at the hands of her trainer, Andrew Geddes.

Who is Angelique Cauchy tennis player ra*ped by childhood coach Andrew Geddes, bio, age, nationality

Throughout her childhood, he often attacked Cauchy s*xually. Geddes finally received an 18-year prison sentence for abusing young girls, most of whom were minors. One of the numerous women Geddes r*ped was Angelique Cauchy. Her experience brings to light the horrible reality that women in sports must endure. In December, the findings of this study will be released.



Who is Angelique Cauchy?

Former tennis player and current fitness instructor Angelique Cauchy is from France. When Ms. Cauchy, now 36, was 12 and the second junior player in France, she started studying with Geddes at Sarcelles Tennis Club in Paris.

Due to flashbacks to the abuses she endured when she was 12 years old, she has recently been making headlines. It is being determined when exactly Angelique Cauchy was born. She grew up and was born in France. In 2023, she will be 36 years old as she was born in 1897.

Cauchy said that her coach from the Sarcelles club had s*xually attacked her about 400 times. When the instructor was found guilty of raping and s*xually assaulting four girls, including Cauchy, who were between the ages of 12 and 17, in 2021, the horrifying reality came to light. She claimed that at first, Geddes would accompany her to a Paris Saint-Germain FC home game. Over a period of two years, she said the relationship soon devolved into abuse and he r*ped her 400 times.


18 years in prison were imposed on the coach. In order to protect her family, Cauchy acknowledges that she kept quiet for many years. However, she is now adamant about seeking justice and bringing attention to the bleak realities of abuse in the sports world.

Who are Angelique Cauchy’s parents?

There is no information about Angelique Cauchy’s parents as she has kept her life private.


Angelique Cauchy’s relationship

Angelique Cauchy’s relationship details is not known and her personal life is not so much known on internet.