Who Is Alexandra Eckersley Daughter Of Dennis Eckersley, Her Age, Father, Mother, Child

Who Is Alexandra Eckersley Daughter Of Dennis Eckersley, Her Age, Father, Mother, Child

Find out who Alexandra Eckersley is, daughter of the Hall of Famer MLB player Dennis Eckersley along with her parents, father, mother and age

According to reports, Alexandra Eckersley, the homeless daughter of Major League Baseball (MLB) Hall of Famer Dennis Eckersley, gave birth to her child in a really chilly tent. After that, she misdirected the police, who eventually found the baby and discovered it trying to breathe. The baby was struggling to breathe.

Who Is Alexandra Eckersley Daughter Of Dennis Eckersley, Her Age, Father, Mother, Child, Photo

The incident happened in a tent in the woods not far from Manchester’s West Side Arena when the police received a call about a woman in labour in a difficult condition.


The woman was recognized by the police as 26-year-old Alexandra in a Facebook post. Alexandra reportedly gave authorities directions to a location in the woods where the baby was thought to be, but Manchester Police, Fire, and American Medical Response personnel were unable to find the child after searching the area. Alexandra gave them the right address and the police allegedly discovered the infant on the floor of a tent near the Piscataquag River at Electric Street, uncovered, and “struggling to breathe.”

According to the Manchester Police Department, she was summoned on Tuesday to Hillsboro Superior Court-North.

Who Is Alexandra Eckersley, Daughter Of Dennis Eckersley, The MLB Hall Of Famer

Dennis Eckersley, a former Red Sox pitcher who is now a commentator and member of the MLB Hall of Fame, has an adopted daughter named Alexandra. She is the beloved daughter of Dennis and Nancy O’Neil, his second wife, and goes by the name Allie. Jake is the name of her other sibling. Soon after O’Neil’s baseball career ended, Dennis and O’Neil were divorced.

It was revealed in 2019 that Alexandra battled substance abuse and mental problems. She also has depression, anxiety, and bipolar illness.


“I want to begin a homeless mental health awareness event,” Alexandra told at the period. “Have it be like the telethon or a carnival where you pay to get in, or a movie night and the money goes to a housing shelter.”

In an interview with the Concord Monitor in 2019, Dennis’ third wife Jennifer explained how Alexandra ended up in the “painful situation” she did.

Alexandra, Eckersley’s adopted daughter, was detained in December 2022 on suspicion of leaving her newborn in a forest and lying to the police about its whereabouts. Since 2018, Alexandra had been living on the streets while battling addiction and mental health problems.