Who is Akshat Shrivastava as his YouTube account get hacked, biography, age, wife, education and net worth

Who is Akshat Shrivastava as his YouTube account get hacked, biography, age, wife, education and net worth

Have a look at the net worth and wife of Akshat Shrivastava

Akshat is a prosperous businessman in addition to being one of the co-founders of the well-liked YouTube channel Cases Over Coffee, which offers interesting content regarding court cases.

Due to his tweet on the allegedly pitiful return on investment for the construction of the Statue of Unity which is twice as tall as the US Statue of Liberty, influencer Akshat Shrivastava was subjected to severe bullying on Twitter during the start of 2024. In May 2024, his YouTube account was hacked but fortunately he was able to get it back.

Who is influencer Akshat Shrivastava as his YouTube account get hacked, biography, age, wife, education and net worth

Akshat Shrivastava’s family and education

36-year-old Akshat Shrivastava was born on 6 April 1988. He is 5ft 7in tall. Akshat Shrivastava’s wife Ayushi Chand works as a Deputy Director at the Indian Ministry of Finance. The couple is blessed with a son named Zayn Shrivastava.

Before relocating to Singapore for his secondary school, Akshat Shrivastava finished his elementary education at DPS School in Delhi.He did his Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Institut Europeen d’Administration des Affaires (lit. ‘European Institute).


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Akshat Shrivastava career

Akshat Shrivastava is a prominent management consultant who worked for renowned companies like McKinsey, BCG, and Dalberg after receiving his MBA from INSEAD. In less than two years since starting her YouTube career in 2020, she has accumulated a tremendous following of over 1.5 million followers.

Akshat’s distinctive selling proposition is its sincere and captivating content. He also runs the YouTube channels Shorts by Akshat and Akshat Shrivastava Hindi.


There is no denying Akshat’s passion for education. He has effectively coached more than five hundred students who have been accepted into esteemed colleges like Harvard, Columbia, and MIT as well as the best business schools in India. Apart from instructing students in English and the GMAT, Akshat oversaw case-solving sessions for management consulting.

He established Wisdom Hatch, an educational platform with the objective of offering knowledge to students and young professionals on an array of subjects, such as leadership abilities, career guidance, and more.


Furthermore, Akshat has created an online course on finance, which he offers for sale on his website. The purpose of this course is to help people understand the intricacies of investing methods, personal finance, and other relevant subjects.

Akshat Shrivastava’s net worth

He has claimed to have gone from Rs.10,000 to making a million dollars per year but his exact net worth isn’t known.

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