Who is Akhil Chandan owner and CEO of Jumpshot Live

Who is Akhil Chandan owner and CEO of Jumpshot Live

Akhil Chandan is the CEO and owner of Jumpshot Live

Find out more about him and his project.

Jumpshot Live, a brand-new basketball-themed entertainment concept that was inspired by the well-known entertainment complex Top Golf, will soon become a reality.

For the uninitiated, Top Golf offers a large playing field with a variety of goals and games and is well known for appealing to groups of friends and families looking for weekend fun. By offering a comparable experience geared exclusively toward basketball fans, Jumpshot Live seeks to build on this success.

Who is Akhil Chandan owner, CEO and CTO of Jumpshot Live


However, unlike Top Golf, Jumpshot Live gives the idea a fresh spin. A central eating lounge will be present at the location, and basketball hoops will be placed around the perimeter. This setting enables guests to take part in a variety of basketball-themed activities as well as indulge in delectable cuisine and beverages.

CEO Akhil Chandan is spearheading the project, drawing on his vision for an immersive basketball entertainment venue. Detlef Schrempf and Phil Handy, a former assistant coach for the Los Angeles Lakers, are among the board’s prominent members.

However, Akhil Chandan has become a trending topic of discussion due to his broad vision. Due to this, many people are trying to find out more about him. So, here’s what we know about him:


Who is Akhil Chandan?

Akhil Chandan is an Indian entrepreneur. He has been in the news because he envisions a new basketball-themed entertainment idea, Jumpshot Live.

He is currently living in Seattle, Washington, in the United States. He has established a very solid reputation for himself. He began as a software engineer and quickly moved up the corporate ladder. In his previous years, Chandan has served as a software developer at Intuit, CTS Cement Manufacturing Corporation, Faithlife, Muze, and Expedia Group.

Later, Akhil Chandan also served as a lecturer at the University of Washington. As a senior software development engineer, he most recently held that post. Subsequently, he becomes a senior software engineer at optimize.health. In November 2021, he became a senior software development engineer at Highspot.

He is currently the CEO and CTO at JumpShot, Inc. While some fans believe it will be challenging to civilize basketball and bring it into society, Akhil Chadan and the rest of his board are working toward the same goal.


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