Who is Abdul Malik mastermind of the Haldwani riots in Uttarakhand

Who is Abdul Malik mastermind of the Haldwani riots in Uttarakhand

Abdul Malik the mastermind of the Haldwani riots in Uttarakhand has been arrested

On the 8th of February, a wave of violence swept through Haldwani, Uttarakhand, spurred by a demolition operation conducted by the administration at a mosque and madrasa site, reportedly situated on Nazool land.

Tragically, the incident resulted in multiple fatalities and a significant number of injuries. In response to the escalating unrest, Chief Minister Dhami promptly issued directives imposing a curfew and authorizing shoot-at-sight orders.

Who is Abdul Malik mastermind of the Haldwani riots in Uttarakhand as he’s arrested

Paramilitary Forces Deployed & Internet Suspended

Presently, the situation in the city appears to be contained, with paramilitary forces deployed to oversee the affected areas. However, as a precautionary measure, schools and government institutions have been shuttered to ensure public safety.

Initially, internet services were suspended to stem the tide of unrest, but they have since been restored, albeit restricted in the affected locality.

Mastermind Behind Haldwani Riots

The name Abdul Malik has emerged as a central figure in connection with the Haldwani Riots, with allegations pointing to his role as the instigator of the turmoil. Malik was apprehended in Delhi by law enforcement officials and subsequently brought to Haldwani for interrogation.

Police operations conducted since Saturday have led to the apprehension of over 75 individuals suspected of involvement in the disturbances, including women.


Abdul Malik’s involvement in the tumult in Haldwani can be traced back to the madrasa where the violence initially erupted in Banbhulpura. It has been revealed that Malik had been served notices to vacate the land as early as January.

Police have considered Abdul Malik to be the mastermind of the Banbhulpura uproar and an FIR has been lodged under many serious sections including obstructing government work, land grabbing, inciting people, conspiring etc. Police believe that Abdul Malik had illegally built a madrassa and namaz place on government land years ago, during the demolition of which people of the Muslim community created a disturbance in Banbhulupara.

According to SSP Prahlad Narayan Meena, Abdul Malik did construction work on government land, during the demolition because of which there was a ruckus and that’s why Malik has been made the mastermind.


Video Shows Malik Confronting Municipal Commissioner

A video from January has surfaced, showing Abdul Malik engaged in a confrontation with Municipal Commissioner Pankaj Upadhyay. In the footage, Malik asserts his claim to a 99-year lease on the land, disputing the demand for its vacation.

However, Upadhyay maintains that the lease has expired, and Malik lacks freehold rights, insisting on the immediate vacation of the premises.

Current Update

Amidst the chaos triggered by the demolition of the ‘illegally constructed’ madrasa and prayer area in Haldwani City, two fatalities and numerous severe injuries were reported. Additionally, several police officers sustained injuries during clashes with protestors.


In response to the violence, a magisterial inquiry has been launched, with directives to conclude the investigation within 15 days.

Chief Secretary Radha Raturi has tasked Kumaon Commissioner Deepak Rawat with overseeing the inquiry and submitting a comprehensive report to the government within the stipulated timeframe.

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