Who are Zachary Benton and Edward Hamlett arrested for beating Nardo Wick fan George Obregon in a viral video

Who are Zachary Benton and Edward Hamlett arrested for beating Nardo Wick fan George Obregon in a viral video

Zachary Benton and Edward Hamlett members of the entourage of Nardo Wick have both been arrested

Two members of Nardo Wick’s entourage, one of whom is a teenager, voluntarily surrendered to the police following a physical assault on a fan who had requested a photo with the Florida rapper.

Law enforcement sources disclosed that Zachary L. Benton, aged 34, and 15-year-old male Edward Hamlett, turned themselves in at the Tampa Police Department on December 1.

Who are Zachary Benton and Edward Hamlett arrested for beating rapper Nardo Wick fan George Obregon in a viral video

Both were charged with felony battery, while the younger suspect also faces an additional charge of possessing a firearm while wearing a mask.

The Incident, captured on video and widely shared on social media, unfolded outside Club Skye in Ybor City when 20-year-old George Obregon approached the rapper from Jacksonville.

Obregon was immediately struck by a blow from one assailant, followed by another attacker knocking him to the ground. This left him critically injured with a brain bleed and a concussion.


As per reports George Obregon Jr was taken by surprise when he received the first punch from Zachary Benton. The 15-year-old then proceeded to punch him repeatedly until he lost consciousness.

According to sources close to the rapper, both suspects were acquaintances rather than close associates of Wick, whose real name is Horace Bernard Walls III.

A spokesperson for Tampa detectives stated, “Eyewitnesses told police that when the victim attempted to take a picture, Benton punched him without provocation, and [the teenager] then ran over and punched the victim several more times.”

Contrary to claims of being Nardo Wick’s bodyguards, a spokesperson for Wick clarified that the story of their association with the rapper was entirely false. Wick’s manager, Qown Wick, emphasized, “They’re not directly affiliated with Nardo.”


Following the assault, Obregon was hospitalized with a concussion, and his mother, Michelle Obregon, revealed that he had sustained injuries with blood in multiple areas of his head.

Expressing gratitude for the video submissions and anonymous tips, the Tampa police acknowledged the public’s assistance in identifying the suspects and issuing arrest warrants.

Nardo Wick addressed the allegations on Instagram Stories, disavowing any involvement in the assault and asserting that he had provided support to the victim’s family. He stated, “I don’t stand with the situation that happened, I was fully unaware of the situation that was about to take place.”

The rapper expressed genuine concern for the young fan and his family, emphasizing that he does not discourage them from pursuing legal action.


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