Who are the parents of Jude Bellingham and more about his father, mother, brother, nationality and biography

Who are the parents of Jude Bellingham and more about his father, mother, brother, nationality and biography

Jude Bellingham is an upcoming English football sensation with a great career set ahead of him, find out who his parents are and their role in shaping his career and success below along with their nationality

The Real Madrid star is currently representing England at the UEFA Euros 2024 and scored the only goal for their opener against Serbia.

Who are the parents of Jude Bellingham and more about his father, mother, brother, nationality, county and biography

Ever since making his professional debut at age 16, Jude Bellingham has been nothing short of extraordinary with his performances on the field.

Jude Bellingham bio

Jude Victor William Bellingham or Jude Ball, is an English professional footballer who was born on June 29, 2003. He originally hails from Stourbridge, England, and he is of mixed ethnicity. He is currently 20-years-old and is the eldest son of Denise and Mark Bellingham. Jude has a younger brother named Jobe Bellingham, who currently plays for EFL Championship club Sunderland.


Jude Bellingham currently earns around £11.4 million a year at Real Madrid after signing a six-year contract with them. This comes to around £220,000 per week, which is double of his previous £110,00 salary at Borussia Dortmund. Bellingham owes a lot of his success to his parents, who played a key role in his success as a professional footballer.

Jude Bellingham’s father Mark Bellingham

Jude Bellingham’s father is Mark Bellingham, who was a non-league footballer himself. Mark currently works as a police sergeant in the West Midlands, but he was a professional footballer who played for various non-league football clubs. He played across England during the 1980s and 1990s as a striker.  One of his most notable career highlights was scoring the winning goal during the 1991 FA Trophy final for Kidderminster Harriers.

Mark played well until his 40s and scored over 700 goals throughout his non-league career. Despite his success, Mark never played for a league teams, which motivated young Jude to pursue a football career and play league football. Mark also briefly worked as a teacher and taught physical education at the Archbishop Ilsley Catholic School in Birmingham, where Jude also attended as a young child.


Jude Bellingham’s mother Denise Bellingham

Jude Bellingham’s mother is Denise Bellingham, from whom he got his skin tone and African genes. Denise is currently 54-years-old and has played a major role in helping both Jude and Jobe attain success. Denise Bellingham works in human resources and has always been a constant support for her son.

In fact, when the youngster moved to Borussia Dortmund in Germany as a 17-year-old, Denise moved from England to be there for her son. And now, the mother-son duo currently shares a flat together in Madrid. Aside from literally taking care of her, Denise also handles her son’s financial affairs.


Jude Bellingham is of mixed African-British ethnicity, and from his skin tone, he got African genes from his mom Denis.

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