Who are the parents of Jimmy Butler, father Jimmy Butler II and mother Londa Butler

Who are the parents of Jimmy Butler, father Jimmy Butler II and mother Londa Butler

A look at who are parents of Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler, father Jimmy Butler II and mother Londa Butler 

Jimmy Butler’s parents haven’t done much to support their son’s professional career.

Given his difficult upbringing and the lack of parental support he received, it is difficult to comprehend how fantastic the Miami Heat star has become.

Butler, 33, is one of the best players in the NBA. But he faced many obstacles along the way to success.

The fact that Jimmy Butler’s one of parent is Michael Jordan is a running joke among NBA fans nowadays. This may appear great, but it’s just fiction and not true.

Who are the parents of Jimmy Butler: Father Jimmy Butler II and mother Londa Butler

Jimmy Butler is the son of Londa and Jimmy Butler Sr.


When Jimmy was born, the two were residing in Houston, Texas. But after his father abandoned them, Butler and his mother were left on their own. His mother had him leave the house when he was a teenager.

Butler’s father is only known to have been from the working class and to have been born in Houston.

Jimmy Butler’s mother studied at Lone Star College in Texas to advance her career as a medical office secretary. In Tomball, Texas, where she and Jimmy had lived, Londa is said to have worked as a caregiver.

Despite the fact that his parents were absent for the majority of his life, Jimmy Butler doesn’t hold any grudges against them. Actually, he still speaks with them and visits them.


Butler told ESPN in 2015:

I don’t hold grudges. I still talk to my family. My mom. My father. We love each other. That’s never going to change.”

The basketball star was in the same high school class as Jordan Leslie, who later played in the NFL. Butler and Leslie became close, and Butler began staying the night at Leslie’s home.

Michelle Lambert, Leslie’s mother, ultimately made the choice to accept Butler.

Despite the fact that she had four children with her deceased husband and three children with her current husband, the Lamberts decided to support her.

Butler said:


They accepted me into their family. And it wasn’t because of basketball. She [Michelle Lambert] was just very loving. She just did stuff like that. I couldn’t believe it.”