Who are Nivesh Mukka and Goutham Kumar Parsi as Indian students die in Arizona, US accident, biography, age and parents

Who are Nivesh Mukka and Goutham Kumar Parsi as Indian students die in Arizona, US accident, biography, age and parents

Have a look at the biography and age of Nivesh Mukka and Goutham Kumar Parsi of Telangana who died in an accident in the US

The deaths of the two students, who were attending Arizona State University in the US, have cast a shadow of grief over Huzurabad and Shivunipally after they tragically died in a road accident in Arizona.

Who are Nivesh Mukka and Goutham Kumar Parsi as Telangana, Indian students die in Arizona, US accident, death reason, biography, age and parents

As per reports, 20 year old Nivesh Mukka and age 19 Goutham Kumar Parsi lost their lives when the car they were in was involved in a head-on collision in Peoria, Arizona, on Saturday night.

Nivesh was from Huzurabad in the Karimnagar district, while Goutham Kumar was from Station Ghanpur in the Jangaon district. Both students were pursuing degrees in computer science engineering at Arizona State University.

What Exactly Happened?

According to local media reports, Nivesh and Goutham were heading home with their university friends when a car from the opposite direction collided with their vehicle. The crash resulted in the immediate deaths of both Nivesh and Goutham, while the drivers of the two cars sustained injuries.

Nivesh’s parents, Dr. Naveen and Dr. Swathi alongside the family members of other deceased students have requested assistance from the Indian government to repatriate the bodies.


Nivesh and Goutham were sophomore engineering students at the Arizona State University, and Nivesh is the grandson of renowned Dr. Mukka Krishnamurthy. His parents are both doctors and he was a second year computer science engineering student.

What Did Police Investigation Reveal?

As per information provided by Arizona police, a collision involving two vehicles, a white 2024 Kia Forte and a red 2022 Ford F150 occurred when they crashed head-on.


As per the statement given by law personnel, “Preliminary investigations indicate that the red F150 was heading south on Castle Hot Springs Road while the white Kia Forte was heading north. The cause of the collision is still under investigation.”

The Arizona police expressed their sympathy, stating, “Our hearts go out to the victims, their families, and all those who assisted with this tragic event.” According to the family members of a deceased student, Gautham, who tragically lost his life in a distressing road accident was set to visit his hometown next month.


Goutham Kumar’s family mentioned that it would take two to three days for their son’s body to arrive in their hometown, while Nivesh’s parents confirmed that his body would be transported to Huzurabad.

Our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Nivesh Mukka and Goutham Kumar Parsi. May their departed soul rest in peace.

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