Who are Ashwini Kosta and Anish Awadhiya killed by Vedant Agarwal in Pune Porsche car accident viral video

Who are Ashwini Kosta and Anish Awadhiya killed by Vedant Agarwal in Pune Porsche car accident viral video

Ashwini Kosta and Anish Awadhiya were killed by Vedant Agarwal in the Pune Porsche car crash accident viral video

Two young people, both computer engineers, were killed in an accident in Kalyani Nagar on Sunday by a 17-year-old who was apparently intoxicated.

Around 2.30 a.m. on Sunday, the teenager—the son of Vishal Agarwal, owner of Bramha Realty and Infrastructure Company, slammed into a two-wheeler that the victims were riding near Landmark Society as he was driving a high-end Porsche sports car.

Who are Ashwini Kosta and Anish Awadhiya killed by Vedant Agarwal of Brahma Realty in Pune Porsche crash viral video

The deceased’s family members battled to get police support, while the accused was lavished with attention and given VIP treatment. Ashwini Kosta and Anish Awadhiya, both 24, were software engineers, hailing from Madhya Pradesh, who died in the early hours of Sunday due to a sequence of mishaps caused by the teenager. After being taken to Sahyadri Hospital in Shastrinagar, the victims were pronounced dead.

The accident occurred at 3.15 am when Anish Awadiya and Ashwini Costa were returning home with friends on motorcycles after partying at a club and the 17-year-old Vedant son of Vishal Agarwal owner of Brahma Realty, who was driving the Porsche Taycan, rammed the speeding vehicle into their bike at Kalyani Nagar junction.


The victim’s aid has accused the local police of VIP treatment

The child was thrashed by the bystanders and taken to the Yerwada police station in the meantime. It was later discovered that the boy was underage. Anish’s cousin, Paras Soni, a software engineer from Keshavnagar, revealed that he had received a call in the wee hours while still asleep. When he hurried to the nearest police station, he witnessed that the arrested teenager was being treated like a VIP. He accused the local police of giving him fast food and letting him sleep, indicating the direct involvement of a local MLA.

Soni went on to say that when they asked the police to examine the suspect medically and register a case, they got angry and threatened them with lawsuits. Furthermore, they threatened to arrest and testify against his friends, who came out as witnesses. He claimed that because the accused hailed from a wealthy family, it became clear that the police had been swayed. The car that was involved in the collision made that evident as well. Thankfully, the public caught him.


Nevertheless, by designating a different driver, the police and the local MLA attempted to conceal the incident. But the local people and the victim’s family members did threaten to notify their contacts and the media. The youngster was clearly identifiable since he had been beaten. Additionally, there is video proof of the event. According to Soni, their struggles were worsening due to their inadequate command of the native tongue. However, as a final resort, the victim’s family requested assistance from the media.

Two Mercedes cars arrived shortly after the youngster was arrested and taken to the Yerwada police station, where his family members were given entry. The deceased’s friends and family were kept waiting outside for their time to make statements in the interim. At approximately three p.m., the suspect was taken outside the police station. On a scooter, he was to be brought to the Juvenile Justice Board. But ACP Aarti Bansode made arrangements for him to have a private Ertiga vehicle. He was followed by two more Mercedes cars, each carrying three lawyers—one of them a woman.

Statements from the local MLA

According to the local MLA, Sunil Tingare, the teenagers’ father lives in his constituency and has a business link with him. He confirmed that the defaulter’s family asked him to help them, due to which he went to the police station to assist them. However, he refrained from meddling in the matter.


At approximately 11 a.m., the youngster was finally taken by the police for a medical checkup. The 17-year-old suspect is protected under the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015, since he is a minor. As such, he is seen as a minor in legal trouble and needs to be handled using kid-friendly methods.