Which state won the maximum medals for India at the Asian Games 2023 and state wise medal tally

Which state won the maximum medals for India at the Asian Games 2023 and state wise medal tally

With 45 medals earned by athletes in sports including hockey, wrestling, and athletics, Haryana again took first place in India state wise medal tally count at the Asian Games 2023

India had its best performance at the Asian Games in 2023.

India fielded the largest-ever delegation of 655 athletes to the Asian Games in Hangzhou, China, in 2023. The states with the most athletes in the Indian contingent are Haryana (89) and Maharashtra (73) respectively. The Indian team included athletes from 26 states and 5 union territories.

Which state won the maximum medals for India at the Asian Games 2023 and state wise total medal tally table

With 45 medals earned by athletes in sports like wrestling, athletics, and hockey, Haryana once again led India in the number of medals won. With 32 medals each, Maharashtra and Punjab are tied for second place. Neeraj Chopra, Palak Gulia, Deepak Punia, Antim Panghal, and Aman Sehrawat are just a few of the prominent athletes who helped Haryana win the most medals.

Ojas Deotale (Gold) and Avinash Sable (Gold) were the players for Maharashtra who stepped up, whereas Sift Kaur Samra (Gold) and Tajinderpal Singh Toor (Gold) were the players for Punjab who made their state proud.

Here is India’s state-wise medal list for Asian Games 2023:


  • Number of Medallists-45


  • Number of Medallists-32


  • Number of Medallists-32

Tamil Nadu:

  • Number of Medalists-19

Uttar Pradesh:

  • Number of Medallists-19


  • Number of Medalists-13


  • Number of Medallists-12

Madhya Pradesh:

  • Number of Medallists-12

West Bengal:

  • Number of Medallists-11


  • Number of Medalists-10

Andhra Pradesh:

  • Number of Medallists-10


  • Number of Medalists-8


  • Number of Medallists-7


  • Number of Medalists-7

Himachal Pradesh:

  • Number of Medallists-6


  • Number of Medalists-5


  • Number of Medallists-4


  • Number of Medalists-3


  • Number of Medallists-2


  • Number of Medallists-1

Bihar and Gujarat had 0 medalists.


JSW Sports is negotiating contracts on behalf of the Asian Games champions

According to a top corporate official, JSW Sports is negotiating sponsorship deals for up to 5 crores for its athletes who did well at the recently finished 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, China.

According to the athlete’s status and the size of the sponsorship arrangement, they are now assessing deals for the Asian Games champions represented by JSW Sports that range from 500,000 to 5 crore. According to Divyanshu Singh, chief operating officer of JSW Sports, these agreements cover everything from product assistance to influencer campaigns to content partnerships to brand endorsements and appearances.’

Due to Neeraj’s status as the face of Indian sports, he claims that they have already finalized three to four significant sponsorship deals for him. Neeraj receives between 4-5 crore in endorsements each year.

Deal assessments come after the Indian delegation’s performance at the Asian Games in China, where they finished fourth overall with their most successful campaign with 107 medals. India was represented at the games by 31 competitors from JSW Sports, who won 17 of the 107 medals.

These accomplishments have increased marketers’ interest in non-cricket athletes. They are gaining momentum from industries like BFSI, wearable technology, nutrition, and sports apparel.