What will athletes eat at the Paris Olympics 2024, their menu, meals food items and diet

What will athletes eat at the Paris Olympics 2024, their menu, meals food items and diet

Have a look at what will the athletes competing at the Paris Olympics 2024 eat along with their meals details and menu food items

Less than three months and Paris Olympics 2024 will kick off. The multi sport tournament is all set to take place from July 26 to August 11.

Paris serves as the main host city, while 16 other locations are spread out over Europe, and one subsite is situated in Tahiti. The question arises, what will the athletes eat at the much awaited competition?

What will athletes eat at the Paris Olympics 2024, their menu, meals food items and diet details

A wide variety of delicious vegan and vegetarian food will be served to competitors and spectators alike during the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, which will aim to be the greenest Olympics ever. Not bad for a city renowned for its passion for cheese and meat. The French city will even go above and above to offer an abundance of carbon-friendly vegan meals, as per reports.


Meals for athletes, spectators, and other staff members will total 13 million and around 40,000 meals will be served everyday. It will hold “the world’s largest restaurant” with 3,500 seats, catering mainly to the 15,000 athletes competing in the Île-de-France region.

What will the athletes at the Paris 2024 eat?

The 3,500-seat eatery will open as the Olympic and Paralympic cafeteria on July 12 and serve cuisine continuously throughout the Paris 2024 Games, a report in Olympics outlet suggests.


About 15,000 international athletes reside in the Olympic and Paralympic Village, which serves 40 different meals a day centred around four themes including France, Asia, Africa-Caribbean and World cuisine.

Every athlete is sure to find something they like. There will also be a cheese area, a bakery area, a hot food buffet, a dessert bar, a grill area with meat and sides, a salad bar with over thirty options and a variety of fruits. Here is the list of food to be served at the upcoming Paris 2024:



  • Veggie Bourguignon
  • Brandade de morue (salt cod and potato mash)


  • Minced pork and Thai basil/basmati rice
  • Cauliflower and baked potato with turmeric


  • Bell pepper, onion, tomato and pepper stir fry (Chakchouka)
  • Fried shrimp with chermoula sauce

World cuisine

  • Lamb and mint juice reduction
  • Veggie Moussaka

The athletes will also receive a few signature meals. Along with Sodexo Live! chefs Charles Guilloy and Stéphane Chicheri, partner chefs Akrame Benallal, Amandine Chaignot, and Alexandre Mazzia have designed these:

  • Chicken tandir, by Arkame Benallal
  • Poached egg croissant, artichoke cream, goat cheese and truffle, by Amandine Chaignot
  • Smoked salted hake with tapioca in a veggie bouillon, by Alexandre Mazzia
  • Almado-style bread salad, by Stephane Chicheri
  • Zaatar sweet potato with hummus and chimichurri, by Charles Guilloy