What is the weight of Neymar Jr as footballer denies being fat after photo goes viral

What is the weight of Neymar Jr as footballer denies being fat after photo goes viral

Over the weekend, Neymar found himself amidst controversy when he attended Romario’s 58th birthday party with many calling him fat due to an increase in his weight

The 31-year-old faced significant backlash regarding his physical appearance, with critics deeming him overweight based on the circulated pictures.

What is the weight of Neymar Jr as footballer denies being fat after photo goes viral during injury layoff

On October 17, the Brazilian forward sustained an injury while playing for his current club, Al-Hilal in Saudi Arabia, tearing the anterior cruciate ligament and meniscus in his left leg.

This injury has kept him sidelined from both training and playing football since then. Injuries have plagued Neymar’s later career, causing him to miss approximately 424 days of action since 2020.

Following his recent setback, Rodrigo Lasmar, the national team doctor for Brazil, confirmed that Neymar wouldn’t be able to return to the field until the commencement of the 2024-2025 season. While he has an clear increase in his current weight, it is unknown how much he weighs now.

Neymar usually maintains a healthy weight of 68 kilograms when he’s playing regularly.


Neymar Addressed Rumors

On social media, various photos, including some doctored ones, portrayed the striker with a visibly larger physique than usual. Neymar addressed these claims directly on his Instagram story, lifting his shirt and asserting, “Training today finished. I’ve put on a bit of weight. But fat? No, I guess not. Suck it haters.”


Neymar further added, “Suck it haters, suck it or get scared.” The controversy escalated when Cristiano Ronaldo, who plays in the same league as Neymar but for Al Nassr, shared a shirtless photo on his Instagram showcasing his remarkable physical condition.

Cristiano Ronaldo, about to turn 39, drew attention to the significant age difference between them, sparking comparisons. For context, Neymar, born on February 5, 1992, is a renowned Brazilian professional footballer playing as a forward for Saudi Pro League club Al Hilal and the Brazil national team.


Recognized as one of the greatest players of his generation, Neymar boasts flamboyant playing style, impressive passing abilities, and two-footed skills. Despite facing criticism, he has firmly dismissed claims of being ‘fat.’

Meanwhile, Cristiano Ronaldo’s fitness, highlighted in a social media post, has intensified the discussions surrounding the two stars, especially considering the notable age gap of eight years between them.

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