What Is The Super Ballon d’Or, Its Meaning, Winners List And Prize Money

What Is The Super Ballon d’Or, Its Meaning, Winners List And Prize Money

The Super Ballon d’Or, regarded as the rarest individual honors in football, is all set to be awarded to the Argentine legend Lionel Messi, know its all time winners list and meaning

Up until now, Messi will be just the second recipient of the award, following his World Cup triumph.

Explained What Is The Super Ballon d’Or, Its Meaning, Winners List And Prize Money

Messi will join alongside Alfredo Di Stefano who was the previous and only winner of the prestigious award.

What is the Super Ballon d’Or?

The Super Ballon d’Or is the rarest award given to any footballer. It is given to a player who is considered as the best footballer throughout the last three decades.

So far, the only player who has ever received the prestigious award is Alfredo Di Stefano. Di Stefano was also born as an Argentine like Messi and he is widely regarded as one of the best players in Real Madrid’s history, as well as in the history of men’s football.


Di Stefano was awarded with the prestigious Super Ballon d’Or award in 1989. He won the award based on a vote carried out by France Football magazine similar to the Ballon d’Or award. Di Stefano managed to beat the likes of other European legends who played in the 20th century, like Michel Platini and Johan Cruyff.

The award itself looks like a more embellished version of the Ballon d’Or. It has a crystal urn, which holds a golden ball while miniature versions of the ball adorn its base. While the prize money for the award isn’t known, Karim Benzema was given 1 million euros for winning the Ballon d’Or in 2022.

Lionel Messi To Receive The Super Ballon d’Or

Following Lionel Messi’s majestic triumph at the FIFA World Cup, several publications, besides FIFA itself, have openly declared the infamous GOAT (Greatest of All Time) debate over. Messi managed to win the World Cup trophy with Argentina on his fifth attempt.


Winning the World Cup was the only thing holding back critics from regarding Messi as the greatest of all time. However, now that Messi has won the World Cup as well as the Copa America nothing else can be said against him.

Lionel Messi has the most complete list of achievements and awards throughout the world and in the history of football. The Argentine captain has dominated all of Europe’s major competitions, something Pele did not, he won the Copa America, which Diego Maradona did not. Most importantly, Messi has now won the World Cup, which is something that his eternal rival Cristiano Ronaldo as well Barcelona and Ajax legend Johan Cruyff never managed to win.

Most Decorated Player In Football History

Messi is also on his way to win another achievement to become the most decorated player in history. Currently, Brazilian defender Dani Alves holds the record with 43 career titles to his name. However, Messi is just one title behind him with 42 career titles so far, and will undoubtedly soon overtake Alves.


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