What is the ‘Senior Assassin’ game, how to play, rules and teams names ideas

What is the ‘Senior Assassin’ game, how to play, rules and teams names ideas

Senior Assassin is a new trending game which has resulted in Chicago-area police, including Gurnee, Bartlett, and Arlington Heights, posting warnings, find out more about the game and its rules

Police officials have notably issued community alerts about the game, stating some “concerning incidents” associated with it.

What is the ‘Senior Assassin’ game, how to play, rules explained and teams names ideas 

The incident has gone viral across social media and mainstream media outlets, sparking the interest of people across the country.

“Senior Assassin” explained and how to play

The game is mostly played by students and it involves participants forming teams for a “tournament-style competition.” The participants eliminate other teams by “tagging” them with water guns. Notably, the rules of the game vary by location. According to police in Arlington Heights, the “live action game” is an “annual springtime tradition for students,” mainly seniors.


Moreover, according to the game rules, any gaming activity cannot take place during school hours or on school property. Players should instead locate their opponents at various sites like homes, local parks, and other communal areas. As a result, students often hide in odd spots and chase targets through yards, appearing in vehicle or on foot.

According to the authorities, the rules in Bartlett prohibit trespassing “or any other illegal activities.” While in Gurnee, officials stated that players often wear ski masks to catch their opponents off guard.

Teams names ideas can be found here.


Reason behind officials posting warnings about the game

Interestingly, while the popular game may seem harmless, police in several Chicago-area suburbs, mainly Gurnee, Bartlett, and Arlington Heights, have issued community alerts and warnings about the game. According to the authorities, there have been “concerning incidents” related with the game.

Reports state that in Gurnee, a group of high school students from another suburb entered a restaurant while wearing ski masks and holding out water guns that resembled firearms. The police stated that an adult, who was also present at the restaurant, was carrying a concealed carry holder and almost mistook the situation for a genuine threat.


Meanwhile, in Bartlett, village officials have issued warnings stating that the rules of the game prohibit trespassing “or any other illegal activities.” According to reports, officers in nearby towns, including St. Charles, have also responded to 911 calls from residents about people wearing masks or hoodies, lurking around homes, and acting suspicious with vehicles driving around neighbourhoods.

Police stated that the main concern was participants brandishing water guns that looked like realistic-looking handguns and that they were unable to tell whether the students were simply playing the ‘Senior Assassin’ game or committing actual crimes.

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