What is the salary of net bowlers in IPL 2023

What is the salary of net bowlers in IPL 2023

As their compensation has undergone several changes in recent years, people are now trying to find out more about IPL 2023 net bowlers salary

The highly anticipated season of the Indian Premier League is set to commence on March 31st, with an exciting opening match between the defending champions, Gujarat Titans (GT), led by talented all-rounder Hardik Pandya, and Chennai Super Kings (CSK), led by the legendary Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

As the teams gear up for the tournament, they are putting the finishing touches on their preparations, with rigorous training sessions and practice matches. The Gujarat team is currently in their hometown, where they are honing their skills in a training camp that includes net bowlers, who are tasked with providing the batsmen with ample practice opportunities.

What is the salary of net bowlers in IPL season 2023

It is worth noting that net bowlers are frequently called upon by teams, including the Indian team, to assist with their training and preparation. Given the fact that they play an important role in the game, people are now curious about how much they are getting paid and what other advantages they get.

So, here’s what we know about them:

Fees of IPL 2023 net bowlers

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, net bowlers were often compensated for their services, as IPL teams would spend money to bring them in. During this time, a season of net bowling would typically earn a net bowler approximately 500,000 rupees.


However, the current landscape has changed, and IPL teams have adapted their approach by utilizing local net bowlers whenever and wherever they travel to play a match. This approach eliminates the need to provide accommodations and cover expenses such as food and lodging for net bowlers.

As a result, the compensation for net bowlers has also undergone changes, and they are no longer paid for their services as they were before.


What were the advantages they got instead of money?

There are certain guidelines in place when it comes to net bowlers. If a particular net bowler is requested by a franchise or team management, they may receive compensation of approximately Rs. 7,000 per day.

Additionally, the franchise takes care of all the net bowler’s needs, including their diet and grooming, which can be a significant benefit for the young players. Joining a franchise as a net bowler can also be a great opportunity for learning and growth.

In some cases, a sports academy may provide net bowlers, or a player may volunteer to be a net bowler without any compensation. The purpose of this is to showcase their skills and potentially gain future opportunities.


For example, Umran Malik, a fast bowler from Jammu and Kashmir, initially joined the Sunrisers Hyderabad as a net bowler but was eventually able to secure a spot on the team.

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