What is the salary and pay of a chain gang official job in the NFL

What is the salary and pay of a chain gang official job in the NFL

Have a look at how much NFL chain gang get paid, here is how much their salary is 

There was a break in the chain during today’s NFL Divisional Round between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants.

What is the salary and pay of a chain gang sideline official job in the NFL

The impact caused sideline official Nick Piazza’s knee to dislocate. Piazza was listed as being in stable condition at University Hospital in New Orleans, according to a Saints spokesperson.

Piazza and Alvin Kamara, the running back for the Saints, collided in the second quarter close to the first-down marker at the Saints’ 20-yard line. After being shoved out of bounds following a run, Kamara made contact with one of the official’s legs, causing the official to lose his shoe.


As emergency personnel went to him, the official collapsed into the turf, holding his leg and remaining motionless and the game was halted while he was transferred to the hospital.

It brought attention to the importance of chain gangs in the NFL, even though they do not get the recognition they deserve. Not like referees or other league personnel, the chain gang is not chosen by the league. Instead, they play for the host team. Officials from nearby high schools and colleges are usually hired by them.


The crew that looks after the signal poles on one of the sidelines is called the “chain crew” or “chain gang”. The head linesman/down judge directs the chain crew, which indicates the officials’ judgements but does not decide them. To see the line of scrimmage, the down number, and the line to gain, players look to the chain crew.

Three people make up a chain gang in most cases. Link ends are positioned with one end at the initial line of scrimmage. One is positioned at the existing line of scrimmage. In the yardage required for the first down, the opposing player holds a pole, usually identified by a down number. People are curious how much do they get paid. Let us have a look.

What is the salary of NFL chain gang?

NFL chain gang’s pay for each game ranges from $75 to $100. Certain clubs might even fall lower than that