What is the religion of rapper Central Cee, real name, parents and girlfriend

What is the religion of rapper Central Cee, real name, parents and girlfriend

A debate has started on the internet in response to a post by the rapper Central Cee, know more about his religion

His beliefs have drawn a lot of criticism. 

Is this man Muslim? Is he a Christian or Roman Catholic? The British rapper posed these queries in an Arabic Instagram post that read, “I seek refuge in Allah from the devil of evil.” Let us know more about the controversies and his religious beliefs in the article below.

What is the religion of rapper Central Cee, real name, parents and girlfriend in 2023

In addition to captivating the music industry with his distinctive sound and collaborations with luminaries like Doja Cat and Nicki Minaj, the well-known British rapper Central Cee has also sparked discussions regarding his religious beliefs. 

Central Cee Ethnicity

The ethnic makeup of Central Cee is varied. He was born in Ladbroke Grove, London, to a West African father and a British mother. The 25-year-old rapper is British because he was born and raised in England.

His parents’ multiracial upbringing gave him a unique cultural heritage that has also affected his music. Additionally, it gave him a fresh perspective on the UK rap music scene.


“Is Central Cee a Muslim?” 

The answer is still unclear because the rapper hasn’t made an official statement.

While some of his admirers assume he practises Islam, others say he is a Roman Catholic. The rapper started this conversation by following some Islamic accounts on Instagram and TikTok.

He also did not release any songs or create any new music throughout the holy month of Ramadan. At one point, he even shared a well-known Islamic term on his Instagram stories. Regarding his religious leanings, nothing has been confirmed, though.

However, the title of his most recent Instagram image confused internet users, who questioned what he really meant and why he would seek refuge from the devil. However, due to the diabolical imagery in Doja’s most recent song, Paint the Town Red, many people believed that Central Cee’s caption inadvertently alluded to Doja as the devil.

Born: 4 June 1998 (age 25 years), Ladbroke Grove, London, United Kingdom
Full name: Oakley Neil H.T Caesar-Su
Parents: Rachel Caesar
Nationality: British
Record labels: Columbia Records, Alternative Distribution Alliance


Central Cee’s girlfriend, Madeline Argy, is a social media influencer known for her POV TikTok videos, YouTube podcast episodes, and Instagram sensation.

The Doja Cat Instagram Post By Central Cee 

Pictures on Central Cee’s posts were taken at New York Fashion Week. Doja Cat also shared images from the occasion with a message that included a reference to the British rapper. Cee was also featured in Ice Spice’s fashion week photo dump.

Central Cee’s Instagram caption drew amusing responses from online users. Many individuals pointed out that the British rapper must have regretted recording the song Doja and possibly desired to take it back. 

Someone on social media said that Cee may have picked up on some nasty energy while he was near Doja Cat.


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