What is the relation between Michael Jordan and Jimmy Butler and are both father and son

What is the relation between Michael Jordan and Jimmy Butler and are both father and son

Know about the relationship between Michael Jordan and Jimmy Butler as Tik Tok sparks the father-son relationship between the two 

Jimmy Butler and Michael Jordan were initially compared when Butler took charge of the Heat’s series against the Bucks and led them to an unexpected elimination of the top seed in the East.

It also sparked more rumours about his relationship with Jordan.

TikTok videos spark a father-son relationship between Michael Jordan and Jimmy Butler

Online rumours that Butler is Jordan’s son are regaining momentum. Numerous TikTok and YouTube videos have advocated the theory in the wake of Miami’s shocking victory over Milwaukee.

In fact, some videos have gained more than a million videos.

To be clear, the rumour is completely untrue. Butler and Jordan are unrelated, and there is no evidence to support this.

However, if Butler keeps dominating in the playoffs, the theory will probably keep going viral online.

Is Jimmy Butler Michael Jordan’s son?

The answer to the question is no.

Londa Butler and Jimmy Butler II gave birth to Jimmy Butler III in Houston in 1989. After his father abandoned the family when he was a young child, he was raised by his mother in the Texas suburb of Tomball until he was 13 years old.


At this point, his story begins to become increasingly gloomy. One day, his mother kicked him out of the house.

I don’t like the look of you,” Butler recalls her saying. “You gotta go.”

When left to his own ways, he spent as much time as possible with many pals. He soon found a more secure setting to settle down in with his friend Jordan Leslie.

He gained fame as a basketball player at Tomball High School before enrolling at Tyler Junior College and Marquette.

Despite the turmoil in his early years, Butler still enjoys a strong relationship with both of his parents.

he told Chicago Magazine in 2015:


I still talk to my family.

My mom. My father. We love each other. That’s never going to change.”

Where did the Michael Jordan-Jimmy Butler rumour start?

Back in 2016, a different rumour that Jordan had an unnamed son gave rise to the theory.

That year, Butler was mentioned in a brief post on the website TerezOwens.com by a “tipster” who thought Butler might be Jordan’s biological son.

The original post, which has numerous grammatical and typographical errors, may be seen here:


Jordan Would Not Clam unwanted Child in 1988 in fear of Destroying Marriage! Child took on mothers name of Butler. It was reported he paid mother off so he would not tarnished his public image & Legacy….& role model figure. After 13 years mother kicked Child out of house hold because payments stop…”

There are a number of reasons why this is ludicrous, but the biggest one is that Butler wasn’t even born until September 1989.

There have been persistent speculations for many years that Jordan is the father of a legitimate child, but these claims have never been proven.

A DNA test refuted Karla Knafel’s assertion that he was the father of her child, which she made in 1991.

Jordan had already been married twice. Five children altogether, two with his second wife, Yvette Prieto, and two with his first wife, Juanita Vanoy.