“Oreo Biscuit glazing girl full video” goes viral on Twitter/X and Reddit

“Oreo Biscuit glazing girl full video” goes viral on Twitter/X and Reddit

Social media platforms such as Telegram, X/Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Snapchat and even YouTube are currently buzzing with a viral video titled the “Oreo Biscuit” viral girl video

If you’re not familiar with the viral “Oreo Biscuit” video and what exactly it is about, who is in it, and where can it be found? Fret not, because we have got you covered!

The viral Oreo Biscuit video features a young woman eating two Oreo cookies covered in a white gooey liquid.

What is “Oreo Biscuit glazing girl full video” as it goes viral on Twitter/X and Reddit

This clip began circulating among Indian users in mid-June 2024, spreading via Telegram to other messaging platforms such as Instagram, X/Twitter, Facebook etc.

What Did the Viral Video Show?

The video begins with the woman sitting on the floor near the edge of a bed, with a plate of three Oreo cookies in front of her.

Both the cookies and the surrounding area, including the bedsheets, are covered in the white liquid. She eats two of the cookies while smiling at the camera. Online, the act depicted in the video is often referred to as a “soggy biscuit” or “limp biscuit.”


Identity of the Woman & Was She Really Eating S*men?

For curious social media enthusiasts, the origin of the video and the identity of the woman in it, remain unknown till now.

If you’re wondering whether the woman is eating s*men or not, well to answer your question, as of now there isn’t any information about such claims as well.

So, we can’t be sure whether the woman was actually having an Oreo biscuit with s*men in it or are they just speculations or rumors.

Initially shared among Indian users in early June 2024, the clip has since been re-uploaded to various platforms including YouTube and Instagram.


Where to Watch the Viral Oreo Biscuit Video

If you are eager to watch the viral video, let us tell you, that the video can be found online by searching terms like “Oreo Biscuit Video” or “Oreo Biscuit Viral Video,” as multiple uploads are still available on YouTube and Instagram.

However, here we have also uploaded a quick look for you;


Let us remind you, that this isn’t the first time an Oreo-related video has gone viral. Last year, a claim about Oreo biscuits being non-halal spread widely on social media.

At the time, The UAE’s Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MoCCAE) issued a clarification stating that these claims were false.

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