What is the meaning of Himmy Butler nickname of Jimmy Butler

What is the meaning of Himmy Butler nickname of Jimmy Butler

Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler is in fine form following a 56-point night in Game 4 against the Bucks, and his ‘Himmy Butler’ nickname is getting even more famous among the fans, find out the meaning behind it.

Butler’s 56-point night set a Miami franchise record for most points in a playoff game and was also the fourth-most points in a postseason game in NBA history.

What is the meaning and story of Himmy Butler nickname of Jimmy Butler

Following the win, Miami Heat now hold a 3-1 series lead over the No. 1-seeded Bucks. The team is currently just one win away from securing their second round spot and pull off a stunning upset over heavily-favored Milwaukee.


Himmy and his Heat teammates have just three chances to eliminate the Bucks, with the first match coming in Game 5 on Wednesday night. The game is expected to begin around for 9:30 p.m. ET.

Meaning behind ‘Himmy Butler’ explained

In simple terms, ‘Himmy Butler’ means Jimmy Butler is “him”. Sports fans will be familiar with this term as calling an athlete “him” has risen in popularity in recent months. Ffans use the term as a way of calling a player a star or a clutch performer.

According to The Sporting News’ David Suggs:


To be ‘Him’ is to be a dominant figure, a blooming flower in a garden full of weeds. It’s a feeling of euphoric confidence, the type of disposition that only occurs when you leave your opposition cowering in fear.”

For Jimmy Butler, his nickname comes from replacing just one letter, with Jimmy becoming “Himmy”.

‘Him’ term origin

The term ‘Him’ originally comes from a song of the same name sang by rapper Kevin Gates. The term became hugely popular after YouTuber JiDion used it in a viral video during an amusing interaction with a woman at a bowling alley.


Over time, professional athletes quickly grew fond of the phrase. Many famous stars like LeBron James, Joe Burrow, Ja Morant, Stefon Diggs and Odell Beckham Jr. Most recently, Lakers guard Austin Reaves have all used it.

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