What is the meaning behind Andrew Tate mysterious two-finger hand gesture

What is the meaning behind Andrew Tate mysterious two-finger hand gesture

Even while he was in jail, Andrew Tate was making waves on the internet, this time, it was a hand gesture that got people talking and thinking about conspiracies, know its meaning explained

He gave a clear signal by making a diamond shape with his two hands. People are trying to figure out if he was referring to something specific or trying to say something.

The social media influencer who caused a lot of trouble went to a court in Romania to make a deal. But his request for bail has been turned down again. Some people think that Tate hasn’t been given justice because he wasn’t let out on bail.

What is the meaning behind Andrew Tate mysterious two-finger hand gesture expalined

This is why the rumours and guesses about what his hand movements mean have picked up speed. Andrew’s brother was seen with him on the way to court. Tristan, Andrew’s brother, was smiling, but Andrew seemed to be in his own world. His usually shaved head was seen to have some ruffled hair covering it. He also had a messy beard, but his hand symbol was what really got people’s attention.

Is Andrew Tate talking about The Matrix or The Illuminati?

Some people thought it was a “Merkel Diamond” or “Merkel Raute,” terms that former German Chancellor Angela Merkel came up with. Merkel, on the other hand, has nothing to do with Andrew. It also doesn’t make sense for Tate to copy a hand sign that a woman her size came up with. Based on what Andrew thinks about the role of women in society, this theory can be thrown out.


On the other hand, Andrew talked a lot about “The Matrix” and how it showed how society is held back by chains. He has talked about “The Matrix” more than once, even saying that it is to blame for his imprisonment. He thinks that his detention is a political move by the power-hungry people who live in the matrix to hurt the Tate siblings.

Some people thought that he was talking about the “Illuminati” when he said these things. But he denied very strongly that he was part of that supposed secret organisation.

Andrew Tate has already talked about this hand signal.

If you follow the rumours far enough, you can find the truth at the end of the tunnel. Andrew Tate has talked about his hand movement before. He said that he had learned this from his father, Emory Tate.


Emory was a chess player, and he used the term “power-up” most of the time. Later, Andrew explained why he had used that signal. He said that his brain was fully developed and that the only way to get a brain as good as his was to “complete the circuit.”

To keep going with the process, one had to mentally refuel them. “I do it because it increases my powers – it’s like a power-up.” he said. Andrew Tate told his male followers in that podcast with his brother that they should try that to reach their full potential.


Now, the rumours may have some truth to them. But if you keep track of what “Cobra” does, you can trace the gesture back to something he said. Maybe he’s just “gearing up” to get out of jail, since nothing in the legal system is going his way.

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